Goatriders of the Apocalypse

There's a Starlin in the house

Let the Starlin Castro Era begin!

In a sheer raw naked desperation move, the Future is now, arbitration-eligibility be damned.  Starlin Castro has been called up and will take his place at shortstop, and Theriot will take his rightful place at second.

If you were amongst those who thought he should have broken camp with us in the first place, I will not argue.  The plan was for Castro to get some reps above A-ball, and oh yeah, conveniently, push back his MLB debut, so he wouldn't become a "Super Two" after the 2012 season.  Personally, I thought that to be wise.  If you disagree and think it cynical, you are entitled.

Point is, the plan has been chucked.  He's here, now, and while there are no explicit references to him as a "savior", there will be a few of us who will jump to this conclusion.  "Watch us go now..." 

If that's you, please.  Go do yourself a favor, get a board, a hammer, and a nail.  Got it?  Good.  Now close your eyes, and hammer the nail in the board....I'll wait....huh?  Damn, you missed?  And smacked your thumb?  Ouch, I bet it hurts.  And you're mad...at me?  Good.  Goddammit! 

Now.  For those of you now biting your nails, worrying that we brought the kid up too soon, and we're just gonna ruin him.  Well, yeah, maybe.  Them's the breaks.  Hope that isn't the case.  I hope he IS the savior.  I hope he hits .300, covers twice the ground Theriot ever did, and lights a spark under our dead asses!  I hope so.  It could happen. 

I could also become the new Nutrisystem spokesman, now that LT has been canned. 

Might as Well

This Cub team was well on its way to being irrelevant.

Might as well try something. Time to bring up the kids.

At least that will give us something to talk about. Play Colvin.

The Lee, Ramirez, Fukudome, Soriano thing didn't work out. That team couldn't win a single playoff game.

As Leo Durocher would say: "Back up the truck!"

That IS how I would play it

Vitters and Cashner would be here, too. Tracy and Baker and Font would be elsewhere, Ramirez, Lee, Soriano and Fukudome would be rested quite frequently. I would leave Z in the pen, convince ARam to exercise his option to leave, let Lee get off the books, trade Fukudome for a box of crayons, figure out a way to get Adrian Gonzalez in the house, and let it ride in 2011.

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