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Oops! The Cubs suck. (Game Recap: Cubs 2, Pirates 4)

You know who's not a very good pitcher? Charlie Morton.

Maybe, going into last night's game, Charlie was saying to himself:

"Listen. You are garbage, self. But so is your team. So you know you're gonna be out there for at least five innings. Let's give these guys a bunch of crap to hit, not walk anybody, and hope they suck enough where they don't rally or anything. I'll give them all the singles they want, but no extra-base hits, and no walks."

And it worked!

The Cubs collected neither walk nor extra-base hit in this piece of crap game.

Awards for suckitude go to Ryan Theriot and Kosuke Fukudome for failing to get on base ever, and to everyone on the team for sucking generally.

In all honesty, the Cubs aren't this bad. But they're also really not that much better, either.

Let's have your predictions for number of games this team will win this season in the comments section, please.


And Aramis WILL return to form.

Yes, they are that bad

I've watched a number of Cubs' games this year.

This team is no contender... 75 Ws at most.

Think he'll finish the season

Think he'll finish the season with .280, 25 hr, 100 rbi?

Probably not, just because

Probably not, just because he's dug himself such a huge hole. But I think by the end of the month, we'll be seeing the Aramis Ramirez we have all been spoiled by. The numbers won't look as good at the end of the season, but Ramirez isn't done. He'll get right.

I would have said 82 to 84

I would have said 82 to 84 Wins a couple weeks ago.

But with Silva and Gorz in the rotation, Lilly seemingly not yet what he was and the Bullpen being as horrible as I feared they might be... Marmol will eventually cost us a couple games, and Dempster and Wells are pitching above their heads right now. Silva will implode (check his first 6 games of 2008, and the numbers the rest of the way) and Gorz is an explosion candidate himself. I fear Zambrano is not going to transition back to the rotation instantly when that happens, and that we will again do something foolish like Shark-Bait when Z does go back to being a starter. I think we will call up Castro to be our hyped-up savior only to watch him post a 300 OBP with sub 350 SLG. And his playing-time will cut into Theriots slightly, which wont help create Ws. We all probably feel confident that Soriano and Fukudome will slow (to completely fall-off) as the season wears on, and ideally Lee and Ramirez show up at that point but if they don't Byrd cant carry the offense himself...

Then, I am getting really worried on Ramirez. He seems inexplicably unable to hit a fastball so far this season; not a good thing at all. I really fear he may be going the way of Tartabull.

At this point, I hope we can win 80. I think we are probably somewhere around a 500 club; but we threw away so many early games that getting to the 81-81 mark might be too much of a task.

I just hope I am wrong...


The starters are already starting to crack a bit...the 2-3 runs they were allowing are now 3-4, and soon it will be worse than that. Losing to Charlie Morton, who is literally synonymous with Bad Pitching, is unacceptable


Your number is my number.


We will win 86 and it will not be enough. We'll miss the playoffs but compete just enough that we will keep Derrek Lee and Ted Lilly.

To be honest, losing two close games on the road is meaningless in the grand scheme of things. The Cubs are a slightly above average, not quite playoff level team right now. I almost wish they were more like a 75 win team. Thing is, no playoffs, no matter what the final outcome is likely to result in a house cleaning.

BTW, 2011 probably won't be much better but 2012 might be the year for a variety of reasons.

So you're saying we will go

So you're saying we will go 73-61 the rest of the way?

It's possible.

Though you make a good point. the Cubs may have dug themselves enough of a hole that won't be able to win 86 games. Thing is, it won't matter. 75 wins (not likely either), 86 wins... whatever. No playoffs, current management group will be mostly replaced and we'll start moving towards the very fun 2012-2016 seasons. 2011 is going to be like 2010 in all likelyhood.


It matters not whether we win 74 or 86. If we miss the playoffs, the season is a failure. Third place is the same as last to me. Fire Hendry.

Tear Down?

If we're still playing this bad by late June or so, would anyone be opposed to taking offers on DLee and Lilly?

I'm going to be positve, as

I'm going to be positve, as rediculous as that may be and say we go on a streak in Late July/August and win 20 out of 25 games and make a spot in the playoffs. I wish we could put Ryno and the Hawk back in the lineup.

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