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Gamecast: April 27, 2010 - Cubs vs. Nationals

GameCastLivan Hernandez (2-1, 0.75) vs. Tom Gorzellany (0-2, 2.40)

Take a look at those names and those stats.  Holy shit.  When I think Livan Hernandez, I think fat guy, and an ERA over 5.  I'm sorry, but that's what I think of.  In his three starts, he's been dominant, not allowing a run in two of them, and only allowing 2 ER in 8 innings against Colorado last time out, an outing during which he actually took an L.  Sucks.  Offense didn't support him.  Its a small sample size for sure, and Livan's not turning into a husky Cuban Sandy Koufax.  He's bound to fall apart eventually.  His BABIP this year is .155.  That's not holding up.  Let's say we help him regress to the mean tonight.

Another strong candidate for regression to the mean is the Cubs' starter tonight, Tom Gorzellany.  The 0-2 record isn't pretty, but he's been the benefactor of some shoddy run support.  Last time out he allowed 4 runs (though only 2 were earned) in 5 innings of work.  Gorzo strikes me as a 5 and fly sort of guy, which makes you wonder why the Cubs are sticking with him in the rotation instead of a guy who, I don't know, is a lot better than him?  Sigh.  Anyways, look out.  I feel a lot of runs being scored tonight.

Who's Hot
Pudge Rodriguez is hitting .411 for the Nats.  He was a late scratch for back tightness last night.  Not sure if he's in the lineup tonight.  Ryan Zimmerman has been off to a hot start for the Nats as well, he's now missed 5 straight with hamstring issues.  My fantasy team sure wishes he'd get healthy.  He might play tomorrow, but last I heard, he's out for tonight as well.  On the Cubs side of the ledger, Ryan Theriot and Marlon Byrd are hitting the ball well..but I bet you already knew that!

Who's Not
For the Cubs, D-Lee's really struggling.  His average has fallen all the way to .214.  He needs a big night to get him going.  Aramis is not hot...that's not new news.  And for once, I can say the Cubs bullpen doesn't belong here.  In the past 4 games, the pen has given up 1 run (Z on Saturday) in 9 1/3 innings.  Keep it up fellas!

A win tonight would be 5 in a row and put us over .500 for the first time this decade.  Keep the faith!

Looks like i was wrong about

Looks like i was wrong about the bunch of runs. But lets win anyways!

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