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Reader Blog: Juan Cruz

The question comes up in this discussion. Who is Juan Cruz?

Well, after a fairly long career, I think we know what we have here.

Cruz is a fly ball pitcher who strikes out a ton and walks way too many. His tendencies make him generally hard to hit but when he does get hit, he often gives up home runs and needs to blow people away to get out of tough spots.

Unfortunately, his most recent performance (2009 I'm talking about) suggests that he is still doing all the bad things he does but has seen a marketed drop off of his K rate:

K rate by year:

2007: 12.84
2008: 12.37
2009: 6.79

So, if he's closer to a 12 K's per 9 IP pitcher, the Cubs should take a shot, if he's closer to the 7 K per 9 guy from last year, forget it.

One point in his favor is he's K'd 11.8 batters per 9 in 2010 before being released.

I think he's a better pitcher than Justin Berg. As a matter of practice, that is the only hurdle he has to jump. If there's even a little chance he can be the dominant pitcher from 2007 and 2008, he's worth the minimum salary.

I agree with Kurt. Let's give him a try.

I agree with your agreement

I agree with your agreement with me!

Not as much

as I agree with your agreement of my agreement with you...

this could get ugly......

Nothing to lose

And it could work out. The relief work can't get any worse than its been. Anybody know how many options the rooks in the pen have remaining?

Bullpen options

Russell, Berg, the Shark and Caridad can be optioned. Grabow and Zambrano can't. I'm not sure about Marmol or Marshall and I'm not interested in sending them down anyway.

It's a done deal for Samardzija

The Cubs burned his last remaining option when they activated Terrible Ted from the DL. That said, the Cubs should have no problems passing him through waivers if they want him in AAA to start next season. Any team that claimed him would be doing the team a favor.

clearly I am senile

what did we get from the Braves when we traded Cruz to them in 2004?

2004 trade

Andy Pratt and Rich Lewis..... who the fuuuuuuu?

ohh, ohh, ohh, I know this one!

"The question comes up in this discussion. Who is Juan Cruz?"

The next Pedro Martinez!!!

Juan Cruz is #39 on the HJE B126 list

He was our 2001 #1 pitching prospect and the #6 ranked prospect in all of baseball for 2002. Constantly touted as "the Next Pedro", we ran him out of town after 2003.

He is Top-Prospect we traded prior to the 2004 season for a 23 year old AA Second Baseman hitting .239/.305/.341/.646 that didnt rank in the Top-10 for the Braves. That 2003 AA line came after after seasons of .279/.359/.355/.714 (22 YO at High-A) and .242/.298/.316/.614 (21 at Low-A)

And he is the guy the Royals, after trying to "unload" him for 12 days, released (and ate 3.75 Million on) in an effort to sure up their late inning pressure situation pitching.

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