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Reader Blog - Starlin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd like to see more plate discipline but we have a player here!

Castro hit his first HR of the season last night. HIs fielding percentage and range factor are Up at shortstop and he's hitting .380 on the season.

I'm sure that .380 is partly the residue of luck but the guy makes contact. He has now fanned a total of 117 times in his minor league career (1030 PAs). He has struck out 7 times this year and has also hit 7 extra base hits. He's driving the ball and making contact. He's stolen 4 bases in 5 attempts and he seems to be playing good defense. Other than the plate discipline, he's nearly perfect. I'd like to see the Cubs show some patience here. Leave him in Double A for one more month at least and then move him to Triple A.

Having studs like Castro will make 2010 and 2011 easier to take while we wait for the inevetible post 2011 spending spree.

Really there's no need to get

Really there's no need to get him AAA experience. A lot of good players go from AA to the majors..the AAA talent pool is made up of a lot more guys on their way down (see Micah Hoffpauir and Jason Dubois) than prospects on the way up.


I don't think he's quite ready for the majors and I don't think he'd be enough of an upgrade over Theriot to bring him up to the show just yet. Now, if the Cubs season goes to crap, my tune will certainly change.

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