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Game Recap - Mutts 4, Us nil

The Good: Big Z lowered his ERA two more points!  2 earnies in 6 innings, 116 pitches, 9 Ks.  The last two outings, he has 11 innings pitched, and it has taken him 239 pitches.  That means more bullpen.  But he certainly did not deserve to lose.

Also: Jeff Gray - 1 inning of scoreless ball.

The Ugly: we only got 3 guys in scoring position tonight.  One of them, Fontenot, got picked off by Hank White.  The second, Three Finger Hill, could not manage tagging up and advancing to third on a slicing fly that Jason Bay had to bang into the wall to handle.

Also: Grabow.  All of you who said we overpaid for him, line up and take your whacks at me.  Mea culpa.

The Bad: look.  Every year we have this argument.  I start saying "it is no longer early" and the rest of you, like Sayers40 for example, say "it is still early". 
I am willing to admit that I am no General Manager.  I thought signing Grabow was a good thing.  I also thought signing Fukudome was a good thing.  If you want to rip on me for being a poor judge of talent, fine.  I deserve it.

However, I have been watching shittty Cubs baseball for over 40 years now, and I am telling you all, it is no longer early.  This offense, the one that is last in the league in average?  This is the best it can do.  This is what it has done ever since Ramirez dislocated his shoulder last June.  This is not a slow start.  This is a trend.  This team cannot hit.

And what is worse, there is NOTHING that anyone is going to do about it.  The only hope we have is for these guys to pull a 180 and do things differently than they have done the past 140 games or so. 

And lemme tell you guys, baseball clubs just don't simply do 180s. 

This team sucks.


the worse part about it is whe havent been hitting and our bullpen has sucked against average to below average teams....only decent team we have played is the braves.... I just dont expect for these guys to get hits,...especially with runners in scoring position....I was more excited for the NFL schedule coming out today then the cubs game..

Yeah, it's a bad Cubs team

I'd been hoping for better, mainly because I have tickets to a Cubs/Cards game in September.

This team is not a contender. I don't know if it's even a .500 team.

The bullpen is a disaster. Why didn't they try to re-sign Kerry Wood?

No plate discipline... just swinging for the fences.

Soriano has to go. The Cubs just have to eat his contract and cut him. He's useless.

Ain't gonna happen this year... or next for that matter. Ramirez, Lee and Soriano are nearing the end of their careers. Time to back up the truck and bring in some young talent from the farm system.

This version of the Cubs is finished.

Jack McKeon circa 2003

Jack McKeon circa 2003 disagrees with the "teams don't do 180s" talk. Also, he says this with a large cigar in his mouth.


But it is still early. The Cubs over the last two games have looked bad and it is possible that they are not even a slightly better than mediocre team (which is where I think they are) but I'm sure even the 1927 Yankees had 5-9 stretches where they looked awful. I believe that the Cubs need to act like they want to win the division this year and at the same time, not panic about the unraveling of the bullpen until they are at least 10 games back after May 15. You can tell me the Cubs were bad and that you were wrong about Grabow (I agree, he's not good, but not this bad either) or Fukudome (Hey, he was there for the great 2008 team and I was with you then) but now you're right? You might be, but the baseball season is a marathon.

Now is not the moment to panic. It is the moment to be frustrated but hopeful. The Cubs are an OK team. They have awesome starting pitching and are bitterly mediocre or bad everywhere else. That should at least get them to .500. Let's wait a little while before we panic and then when it's time to panic, let's do that in a reasonable way also.

1927 Yankees

I am sorry, but no. There was no stretch where they went 5-9. They had 3 Ls in a row TWICE and 4 Ls once. They went 110-44 on the year. Here are some interesting facts before we compare the 2010 Cubs (cough cough terrible) and the 1927 Yankees:
Days in First: 136
Biggest Lead: 19
Farthest Behind: NEVER behind
Most Games over .500:
Most Games under .500: NEVER
Longest Winning Streak: 9
Longest Losing Streak: 4
Most Runs Allowed: 14
Most Runs Scored: 21
Longest Game (innings): 18
Times Shutout by Opponent: 1 (That's impressive)
Times Opponent Shutout: 11


I was making a point. But since we're bringing this into the realm of the possible. Has anyone considered,say, the Colorado Rockies? Oh no, not the Rockies of 1927 or even 1987 (and yeah, I know when the Rockies started playing baseball) but rather the Rockies of 2009 as an example.

The Rockies also started 5-9 that year but that's not even where the losing ended. They then proceeded to keep losing long stretches of games and went 18-28 and then fired their manager. They then won 2 games but then lost the next 4! That made them 20-32. That's 12 games under .500. As of June 3 last year. They were 15.5 games out of first.

At the end of the year, they were what others on this blog would call a "failure" because they only made it to the NLCS, losing to the Philadelphia Phillies in 5 after winning 92 games and making it to the playoffs.

Here are some other (cough, cough, terrible) teams' records for stretches of 2010:

From August 1-15, the LA Dodgers (winners of 95 games) went 5-9
From May 24-June 9, The St. Louis Cardinals (winners of 91 games) went 5-11
From June 5-June 26, The Philadelphia Phillies (winners of 93 games) went 5-14

That's your four NL playoff teams.

Don't tell me 5-9 is a big deal. It isn't. It's only accentuated because of the time of year it is. I said it at the beginning of a long heated exchage. Step back from the ledge. Take a deep breath. 85 wins isn't that hard to get and this team is about an 85 win team. 85 wins could equal wildcard.

Of course, that also might save Jim Hendry's job which is an anathema to some of you but hey, take the good with the bad, right?

Your three teams

That you mentioned above all have won multiple championships (Dodgers: 6, Phillies: 2, and Cardinals: 10). It is time to look at the facts that this team is not built to win for one and two, doesn't want to win. This will be a long season but what baseball AND Cubs season isn't long and torturous. At the end of the day, I will still wear my Big Z jersey, catch LOADS of crap from ALL the Cardinal fans here in W. Illinois, and wait for Da Bears! Haha.

PS: I hope I eat my words later and see the Cubs in 1st place or poised to make a run via the Wild Card slot.

Hey Rob

I also have been watching the Cubs for many decades and still remember my love of Manny Trillo back in the late '70's while I was an 8 year old boy. I haven't seen this team win often but I remember one year. I know many people only think about the playoff loss to the D'Backs, but in 2007, the Cubs had a shot, albeit a small one.

Remember that year? Well, the Cubs were 22-31 on June 2.

Dude, this team has no choice but to play to win now. They are built like that. Don't get your panties in a bunch, realize that sometimes you just get beat, even by mediocre (Mets) and plain bad (Astros) teams. Even some of the best teams do.

It is early and will be for a while.

I always rest on the power of 10 here. If the Cubs are 10 games out or 10 games under .500, call it a year. However, there are some circumstances where teams that were at that point have come back. I know it looks bleak, but it's a long season.

Plus the Cardinals DO have a soft underbelly. I hope the Cubs can string some wins together because St. Louis IS exploitable.

Cardinals Soft Underbelly?

What is the Cardinals soft underbelly.

They've got great pitching and they've got Pujols.

They look very confident.

I've watched them a couple of times and I don't see any significant weaknesses.

your answer

They catch Pujols cycling down using female fertility hormones.....

I agree with Sayers

Now is not the time to panic or write the season off. This isn't a good team but who's to say our fortune can't change. The light could go on for some of our rookie relievers and make the bullpen more effective. The team could break out of its teamwide slump. Our competitors could suffer some bad luck. Anyone else here not believe Carpenter will go two full seasons without a serious injury? The Cubs are not a great team, but they aren't as bad as they've looked either. It's 14 games. 148 to go. By all means be angry with the results to date, but back away from the ledge. This thing isn't over yet.

8% of games played.. and this

8% of games played.. and this is all you have to worry about?

it's like, you're a cubs fan... literally april is almost out, and you're like, good game, seasons over... it's not time to say 'there's always next year', in this division, with this above mediocre team (whether or not they perpetually underperform is another story)...

there's a lot of games to be played, and it's akin to saying, 'AMGH, THE BEARS LOST THE FIRST GAME, TEH SUCK TEHR DUN'.

1/16 = 6.25%... close, but, akin...

So, yes. If you're already calling the season by april as being without hope... Well... i think it's a bit premature.

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