Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Gamecast: April 20, 2010 - Cubs @ Mets

Carlos Zambrano (1-1, 9.45 ERA) vs. Mike Pelfrey (2-0, 1.29 ERA)

Well, yesterday was predictable.  Good start by Wells, a bunch of hits scattered, but not a lot of runs, then the bullpen breaks down, allows a bunch of runs, and the Cubs lose.  Certainly seems to be the way things have gone this year.  I know its early, but I've seen enough of Jeph Spellcheck.  Has he been sent back behind the barn and put out of his misery?  No?  Can we?

We're facing a righty tonight, and Fukudome's leading off.  We'll see how that goes.  Z's making his 4th start, he's got one good one, one meh one, and one miserable one.  Which will we see tonight?  It's all the fun of playing russian roulette w/o the death.  Can I be Chris Walken?  Pelfrey takes the bump for the Mets, and like Z, he's making his 4th apprearance.  One of them, however was in relief during the 20-inning debacle last Saturday night.  Saturday was his likely throw day, and he only pitched one inning, so that shouldn't be a concern.  His last start out he was dominant against the Rox in Denver.  I pray he's not that good tonight.

Who's Hot
The same guys Yarbage noted yesterday still apply as Soriano got 2 hits, and Soto got on base twice as well.  That's about it.  I know my temper is hot with this team as well, as is most people's i'm sure.

Who's Not
The pen has lost 6 of our 8 games and has an ERA of 6, and thats with good work by Marmol and Marshall mixed in there.  I'm ready for new faces, honestly.  D-Lee is 3 for 20 since coming back from his short hand injury.  Small sample size, obviously, but I'm throwing it out there.

That's it for now.  First pitch is in 60 minutes.  God help us all, we need a W tonight.


You can be Walken,

if I can be DeNiro - "We'll be calling him old fireballs after tonight."

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