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Reader Blog: Notes after a Frustrating Loss

Some notes after today's frustrating game:

1)Cubs are now 2-4 in 1 run games and 3-6 in games decided by 1 or 2 runs this year. It's frustrating but with a little luck, the Cubs would have a much better record.

2) Aramis' K rate is alarmingly high in the early going this year. Coming into today's game, He was striking out close to 35% of the time. His career K rate is only 15%. I'm hoping this isn't something that continues.

3)Geovany Soto is fine. I think the Cubs are hurting themselves by keeping him in the 8 hole. This is where you should place your worst hitter in the lineup (usually the pitcher). If you don't put the pitcher there, I can think of at least 2 or 3 players who would better suited for that spot over Soto.

4) Despite today's blown save, I am very happy about Marmol's control this year. After today's game, Marmol has walked just 2 betters in 6.2 innings. It's early but if he can keep his walk rate significantly below 4, he is likely to make the All Star team.

On Aramis

It will be something to monitor. Although most hitters trended downwards, our old buddy Milton saw a 9% Strikeout increase under Rudy that he seemingly has never recovered from. Specifically, he rose from a 18.1 average the previous 3 years to 27.1 in his season with the Rangers.

He did simultaneously see a BB increase though, from 11.1% Non-intentional the 3 years prior to 13.1% that season in Texas.

I imagine its just an early season thing with Aramis, possibly even enhanced by his trying to do too much since both he and the club are struggling. And even if it does stick around longer, at least we know Ramirez is always coachable; unlike the other...

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