Goatriders of the Apocalypse

What do we know after two bad losses?

Well, the bullpen gave up 8 runs on Monday, and blew a lead tonight when Grabow gave up a two-run homer.  So your first reaction may be to skewer the lowest-paid group of guys on the team, the guys who are not good enough to be starting pitchers.

But then again, on Monday, the pen was called upon in the second inning, whereupon Marshall and Russell threw over 4 scoreless innings. And last night, while I am not excusing Grabow whatsoever, but Chipper Jones has done this a lot in his life. 

On Monday, we managed five hits against a man who had a .305 batting average against in 2009.  Last night, we managed two runs, and if it weren't for the blown call on Soriano's double play grounder, and some excellent fielding by Troy Scissorhands, we'd have no runs at all.

I am way more worried about the offense than I am with the bullpen.  Where are the at bats Colvin is supposed to be getting?  While the Braves' rookie outfielder is becoming the next Willie Mays wrapped up with Hank Aaron, ours sits while Soriano, Byrd, and Fukudome all combine to hit under .200 so far?

Derrek Lee and Ryan Theriot are still oh-for-2010.  And when is the Great Geo Soto going to hit the ball again?  Fuck, man, you're worthless.

And, while we're at it, Theriot?  Do you understand now why everyone wants to replace you at short?  When they discuss your range, they're talking about you standing out there like you're the range, as in an oven with burners on top.

No conclusions can be drawn after 2 lousy games, but shit, we look awful.

Uh.... Yes

We do look like shit. But at least we made a few of those assholes look bad last night. really, really bad. and now everyone knows black jesus cant hit a breaking ball. he roped the crap out of that first one, man when he does get wood on it that's some solid contact. Marshall has really been solid, we should just let him toss 4 or 5 every day, and gotta give Demp some credit too. he looked pretty good. I had no idea that wagner could still turn it up that high... 98!?!?! WTF. t minus 10 days until his arm completely falls off.


I'm just confused... I was under the impression that, although he's a rookie, Caridad was gonna be the 8th inning guy with Guzman out. Also, Cabrera and Chipper are switch hitters (i don't have the stats in front of me) but why would you wanna turn them around to the right side? Again... I'm just confused

(Cardidad looked good on that strikeout)


I didn't get a chance to watch the game (stupid class) but did have ESPN ScoreCenter App on the iPhone, which was not updating that much. Which is either 1) Good, especially when the Cubs have a lead....no extra runs for the OTHER team or 2) VERY BAD, like Monday, when it wouldn't shut up. ATL this, ATL that. Anyways, I digress. I think it is time for Colvin to come in. Soriano had a decent game (from the box score). No RBIs but I do not know if he had RISP Sit Fukudome, and let Colvin get his bat going again. If you can tell, I am a BIG advocate of Tyler Colvin. Does he have a nickname yet?

"If you can tell, I am a BIG

"If you can tell, I am a BIG advocate of Tyler Colvin. Does he have a nickname yet?"


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