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Reader Blog: Why do we have human Umpires?

I'm sure everyone remembers last year's World Series. We had a slew of terrible calls. So why do we have Umpires. Last Night, in the Yanks-Sawx game, I saw at least two errors at first base. And now we're all up in arms about the Terrible Call du Jour, Marlon Byrd's single which was "caught" by Nat McClouth.

So, I pose the question to you, Cubs Fan Nation, why do we rely almost entirely on humans, who as we all know are terrible inefficient, when there are other, much better option available?

There is absolutely no reason that managers shouldn't be able to challenge plays. Having this opportunity would make the game that much better. People say that Baseball is a game in which tradition should take a driver's seat. This is, of course, completely ridiculous, as it is no longer the year 1908, and the technology of Instant replay can easily be melded with the tradition of a Human Umpire. We would just be simply unprepared to be simply bound only to one of the two.

So, Goat Readers, which would you choose?

Put someone in the booth. I

Put someone in the booth.

I was absolutely dumbfounded by that call. Sure, keep pitches in control of the umpire, but, clear night and day calls of 'he caught the ball' 'he didn't catch the ball'... he beat the throw, he didn't beat the throw...

why is baseball the only sport not to provide true error checking methods?

and secondly, one thing I've never understood, why does pinella go out there, or a manager in general? It's not like the crew are going to change their mind...

College basketball style replay

I really like how they do it. The refs will get together, check the monitor and make sure certain plays are called right. It doesn't ruin the flow of the game, it's kind of low key, and anytime close plays are looked at again to make sure the right call is made is *good* for the sport. That McLouth "catch" was a joke.

Never saw it

I left for class and did not get a chance to see this. Anyone have a video link to share?


I saw it. And wow, that wasn't even a trap. It was a dropped ball.

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