Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Could 2010 be the year?

I'm beginning my third decade of being a Cubs fan, and I can't remember not caring about the team this much since probably 2002. Truth be told, I'm more excited about the upcoming Chicago Fire season (new coach, couple of new foreign players I know nothing about, but who just have to be awesome because they're foreign, and a new formation with "attractive attacking soccer"), than I am about the Cubs.

In a moment of barely-concealed hope, my mother confided in me that she thought I was maybe growing up and moving on in life (because that's what real adults do)... but she just doesn't understand... she doesn't understand the soul-crushing weight of a team that thinks it can milk it's fans for every last dollar while not even pretending to improve itself on the diamond.

Did any one else make a half-hearted attempt to nab some tickets on Friday, but give-up at the first sign of technical difficulties? I did.

Rob's right (see below), the most exciting team the Ricketts have done since purchasing the club was to sign Rudy Jaramillo to be the new hitting coach, (well, I guess the ice-rink in the parking lot was pretty exciting too!) and that indeed reminds me of the time in which the best thing the beat writers could come up to write about was Jeff Pentland's work with Sammy Sosa and the toe-tap.

Yet, after the soul-crushing that was 2002, the 2003 season started similarly to this year (albeit minus the new coach and 'fresh approach' in the front office). The potential exists on our roster for a good 80+ wins, and if we catch a lucky streak here or there, perhaps trade for a sausage beater, a fast dude, and a new diamond-in-the-rough franchise player, then maybe we could sneak in as the wild-card, catch a hot-streak in October... and really lay a foundation... for jacking up ticket prices over the next six years.

You scoff? Hey, "It Could Happen" you just gotta "Believe."

I feel the same apathy toward

I feel the same apathy toward the upcoming season as you. I've begun re-acquainting myself with Formula 1 racing. The season is concurrent with baseball, and the drama is much higher!

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