Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Just thinkin' about tomorrow............

Wouldn't it be kick ass if rich, ole Daddy Warbucks owned the Cubs??????

It's cold, rainy and pissy here in the Bluegrass.  We have entered that time of year when we are blessed with bone-soaking, day long rain.  It's amazing how much it makes you look forward to spring training.

No, it wasn't the offseason of my wettest, Kate Beckensale filled dreams.  I knew that our team was saddled with really bad contracts, and even with new owners, I didn't expect a Steinbrennerian sized payroll explosion.  The hand we got is the hand we're dealt.

That being said this group of guys has finished 1st, 1st, and 2nd.  Not too bad by most estimations.  That being said, it's a really nice window we got here.  Let's make sure that sum-a-bitch doesn't close before we hang the new drapes.

My big goals for the offseason were this; DEAL MILTON BRADLEY.  Pack his bat-shit crazy ass up and send him somewhere.  Done.  I am not so eternally optimistic I think Carlos Silva wins 20 games and the Cy Young.  Just stay healthy, and eat innings (not entire buffets).

Land another starting pitcher (see above) and jettison Kevin Gregg.  Done and done.  I am excited about Marmol having a shot to close things out.  I would like to see another arm injected into the pen.  But due to payroll, we either land a former stud, or we develop a new kid from somewhere.

I would have liked to see an everyday 2nd baseman show up.  Platoons aren't going to cut it for me.  RIDICULOUS FAN OBSESSION UPCOMING!  I would love to see the team sign the O-dog.  There I said it.  It won't happen and I feel like a chuckle head saying it, but I would love it.

Finally, the Hawk is in the hall.  Sure, I'd love him to go in there in a Cubs hat, but even if he's an Expo, I'm happy for him.  By the way, if you're a Hall of Famer, you're a God-damn Hall of Famer.  It shouldn't take 4, 6, or 11 years.  Put 'em in the freakin' hall.

D-Lee had a rebirth, and if that continues and the team can avoid injuries, I like our chances.  It really is a solid lineup.  We just need everyone to produce.  Too many guys hit the skids last year.  Maybe back to back division crowns took the fight out of them.  I think it was the failed chemistry experiement of dealing De-ro and Woody and thinking red-assed Milton Bradley would stoke the championship fires.  We all learned that too much bat-shit crazy is a bad thing.  ( You listening Z?  Gatorade didn't come knocking this offseason with a new line of "combat punch flavors", you whackjob,)

So it's riding on a lot faith.  Stay healthy, focused, and sane.  Sweet Lou has to hold it together and maybe, just maybe, something good goes down.  Won't be long till the clouds clear out around here and we're tuned into WGN.  April 9th, you'll find my pasty, white ass tucked into a seat at Great American Ballpark watching our boys in blue kick the crap out of Dusty's boys.  I can't wait.  GO CUBS! 

Re: Just thinkin' about tomorrow............

We know that napalm is a well-known recording company. And John Mayer is their often singer recorder. What is really funny is that a whole bunch of people had to look up the definition of "napalm" after the John Mayer Playboy Interview got leaked. Apparently, we, as a nation, are really that dumb. It's a jellied form of gasoline that, when dropped and exploded, sticks to people in the area and burns them alive. (It takes more than a payday loans worth to undo the damage.) Jessica Simpson has laughed it off, and I think we're all waking up to the fact that Mayer isn't the brightest bulb in the box. He also, incidentally, isn't a great guitar player either or song writer. He isn't in Megadeth for a reason.

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