Goatriders of the Apocalypse

What's Done is Done

Our long regional nightmare is over.  I have been waiting to write these words since Hendry suspended Don't Wake Daddy in September.

Milton Bradley has been traded, but the price was quite dear.

There have been discussions out here this year about the worst contract in the bigs.  Some said it's Barry Zito's, others Alf Soriano's.  Usually the guy that comes up with the Vernon Wells contract is declared the winner of the day.

But hell, at least all three of these guys had a decent year or two before they were given their horrendous deals.

Carlos Silva was given 4 years at $48 million coming off of a 13-14 year with an ERA near 5, one year removed from leading the majors in Home Runs Given Up.  Now, two years into his deal, with 5 wins, 18 losses, an ERA close to 7, and most of 2009 spent nursing owies, Carlos Silva is now a Cub.  And a quick glance out onto the Seattle papers and blogs?  Those people are dancing in the streets today.  They have had a bit to cheer about this off-season, after a few years of extreme mismanagement.  And now, they are hoisting up their new GM for canonization because he got rid of the Great Carlos Silva.

I say, those people are going to be missing Silva by July.

Do I think Silva is going to bounce back and become a sturdy innings-eater, or as Hendry will surely bend it, a reasonable substitute while Ted Lilly heals?  God No, do you really think I'm stupid???   But as I remember and as I search, I don't discern Silva having to be reprimanded, suspended, given up on, or adjusted to due to his aberrant behavior.  I don't recall hearing about him tearing up his knee whilst attacking an umpire.  I don't see anything about him wanting to beat up any of his announcers.  I don't believe he called his fans and his management racist. 

Some of our guys, like TJ Brown and Bad Kermit, and spinning around like tops because they'd rather have Bradley or Hitler rather than Silva.  And no, he isn't good, not by any means.  The money has been spent.  Bradley could not stay.  After he was suspended and all his dirty laundry aired out in the media, he could not possibly continue with us.  Hendry stuck the red hot poker up his own butt, and the rest of the league knew it.  If we weren't going to simply cut Bradley's dumb ass, we knew we were going to end up with someone who was useless and had a bad contract.

None of the names thrown around - Millwood, Burrell, Castillo, Vernon Wells - would help us in the least.  Silva might be the worst out of all of them.  But hey, at least he can sit around in the clubhouse, discuss Venezuelan politics with Big Z, and if he can't throw five innings without giving up eight hits, five walks and two dongs, then maybe he'll do the honorable thing, go on the 60-day, and since Mark Prior is out of the game, maybe Silva can take the league lead in simulated games.

At least we don't have the big smelly turd in the toilet bowl anymore.

Fire Hendry.

Cruller Jim should pay for this craptacular chain of events with his job. Signing Bradley was bad. Suspending him and undercutting any trade leverage he had was worse. Trading Bradley, a useful ballplayer, for one of the worst pitchers in baseball? I am just beside myself. Get ready to hate this guy, Cubs fans. He's worse than Jason Marquis, and he's making more money.

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