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Roy Halladay

What is the price tag on the team's soul for 2010?  Because apparently the Blue Jays are also wanting to know.  The Cubs supposedly (according to beat writer MuskRat) are being engaged in trade talks concerning none other than Roy Halladay.  This is officially the biggest catch-22 that Jim Hendry could've ever been blindsided by, and well worth a fair amount of debate as well. 

On one side, how can you not complete the deal if its possible?  Halladay is a true ace in this day and age, unlike any other pitcher currently on the roster, he's a true force.  Night-in and night-out he goes deep into ballgames saving the bullpen and giving the team a chance to win every time he takes the ball.  Hallady, most importantly, is a pitcher that gives the team a greater chance to win once the Playoffs begin.

On the other side Halladay is due a nice chunk of change in 2010 ($15+M) and his contract does not extend beyond the 2010 season.  Acquiring Halladay is also likely to require a significant amount of the Cubs' top prospects, with no gaurantee that an extension can be worked out to keep him for more than one year. 

My take:  Do whatever it takes to get Roy Halladay, and then make moves to work around him on your roster.  If this is a real possibility, few other moves could be made to improve a 25 man roster this much. The Blue Jays are looking to cut payroll and add top prospects, and realistically the only way the cubs can improve dramatically this offseason will be through trades.  The Jays are likely looking to dump Halladay far away and outside of the Yanks/Sox, and the Cubs fit that bill.  The biggest part of the entire deal would be extending Halladay beyond 2010, then its a no-brainer.

Paragraphs, my friend,

Paragraphs, my friend, paragraphs!

I would take Halladay in a heartbeat, and I'd give up any number of youngin's to get him, but the Jays would need to accept some salary in return. Whether they want to cut payroll or not, they have to realize that every team is on the same boat and won't likely be capable of increasing payroll dramatically in 2010.

I agree with you as well that the Cubs should only make this deal if they can immediately extend Halladay. At that point, as you say, it's a no brainer.

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