Goatriders of the Apocalypse

The best idea for a Cubs trade that you will read over the course of this offseason.

I'm going to cut to the chase on this one because I think it's such a good idea.

Milton Bradley and Ryan Theriot, for Curtis Granderson and Dontrelle Willis.

Boom. Absorb that gem of amazingness for a second while I tell you about how awesome it is.


Before we try to decide which baseball numbers are most relevant, let's talk cash for a minute here.

As you well know, MB is owed $9mil in '10, and $12mil in '11 (guh).

Ryan Theriot is in his first year of arbitration eligibility, so it's hard to say what he'll be owed. Let's just call it $2mil every year til 2013 when he becomes a free agent.

As for the Tigers, Dontrelle Willis is owed $12mil next year (!), and Granderson is owed $5.5mil, $8.25mil, and $10mil over each of the next three seasons, with an option in 2013.

SUMMARY: Cubs would pay MB and RT about $27mil over the next three seasons, Tigers would pay CG and DW a combined $36mil.


Let's move beyond business, to baseball.

The Cubs are (still, even after trading away Mark DeRosa,) too right-handed. They've got a right-handed shortstop that plays league average defense there -- surely, a commodity, but not necessarily an automatic keeper, either.

They need a center fielder, and they could use a lefty. Oh yeah, there's also the whole get-rid-of-Milton deal.

Granderson bats lefty and plays center. And even though he's traditionally led off, his .453 slugging percentage would put him behind only Lee and A-Ram of the Cubs' everyday players in the category -- as in, perhaps could be that middle-of-the-order lefty RBI guy.

The Tigers' starting shortstop, according to their depth chart, is some guy with a last name starting with D that I have never heard of. As in, they could use an unterrible shortstop. And given the state of the Detroit economy, they'd thank God if Hendry called and offered to take D-Train off their hands.

Would taking on Dontrelle be a complete waste of money? Maybe. But aside from the amount owed him in 2010 being exactly equivalent to MB's 2011 requirement, the NL is an easier place to pitch than the AL.


The Cubs get rid of Milton. They lose Theriot, who is a player with positive value, but they have Andres Blanco's glove on the roster, and Starlin Castro on the fast track. They'd also get a quality left-handed bat to man center field for them.

The Tigers get a good shortstop, a guy that's proven he can mash at the DH spot, and the chance to erase the $12 million owed to Dontrelle from their books.

One potential challenge: convincing Dombrowski, who's wanting to get Granderson's contract off the books, to take on Milton's 2011 commitment (the 2010 pill should be easier to swallow given the savings the deal generates on D-Train's deal).

To that end, I'd be willing to spend a few million 2011 dollars on getting Milt's contract within a workable range to make the deal happen. That's how much value I think the trade adds to the Cubs.

Beyond that reason, tell me why this isn't a great idea.

I think that your trade is an

I think that your trade is an excellent one, and I would take it in heartbeat. I don't know if Detroit would bite though. I could see money being a motivating factor for Detroit to do this, but I just don't think that they are desperate enough at this point to make a move like that.

I will be completely shocked if the cubs are able to get anything of real value out of a Milton Bradley deal, but I like your idea to package him w someone else. Its kinda like sugarcoating a sucker-punch with a pie in the face though. I would honestly have to take a second look at any team/GM in baseball that's willing to take a chance on MB without it being pretty damn close to a free-roll.

Riot/M.B. for Dontrelle/C.G.

I like your trade idea. I was thinking a big revamp would be good. ex. Soriano/M.B. for Zito/Rowand, then fill Fonzie's spot with a Randy Wells/Jake Fox for Adam Dunn. I'm pretty sure the money would be close at the end, but we would be out of "the second worse contract in history" a lot sooner. Zito's contract was huge and he hasn't done real well, and the Giants have arguably the deepest stable of young pitchers in the league. Both trades still leave the cubs without a solid leadoff man.

On paper, I like this idea.

On paper, I like this idea. However, the Cubs must now not only try to get rid of MB's bad contract, they will also have to find a team willing to take the bad contract of a complete dickhead. Turn the tables for a second. If you were the Tigers GM, would you be tempted to welcome MB into your clubhouse? Probably not. I hope I'm wrong though. There's gotta be a sucker out there somewhere...


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Hole at SS

Who will play SS? From what I've heard this Castro kid has a long way to go. What is he 19 years old? Blancos glove is excellent but until he can prove he can hit in the bigs I just don't see him as a big league SS. His defense is usefull in the late innings but I can't see him starting. Baker was good coming over from the Rox but does he keep it going for next year? Miles sucked but I guess he was hurt and Fontenot petered out just like Soto this year. Will they come back better than last year.? So what do you have for middle infielders? Blanco, Baker, Miles, Fontenot, Castro. Really weak, all of these guys are nothing more than bench players at this point. If you are going to trade Theriot you better be planning on getting a bonafide SS at some point before the season starts.
Dontrelle Willis? He's still in baseball? I guess if thats all you're gonna get for Milt you might as well give him a try, but how? Starting or the bullpen? It looks like there might be one too many starters on the roster already.
Granderson would help but can't hit a lefty and struck out alot last year. I don't think you would want him and Fukudome in the lineup against a lefty so what do you do now? Platoon Johnson with both of them?
I wouldn't mind seeing Fuld get a shot this year. Dump Milt for anything you can get and go after a guy that can help up the middle in the infield!!!

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