Goatriders of the Apocalypse

It appears as though the Cubs haven't learned a damn thing.

Our friends at MLBTR are all over this John Grabow story. Apparently the Cubs want to extend the guy's time with the Cubs via a two-year deal worth $6 or 8 million.

The 31-year old Grabow came over from the Pirates in the Tom Gorzelanny trade late this past season. And when he pitched, he was mostly, like, kinda OK.

The ERA was fine, I guess, at 3.36 over the course of the entire year (service with both teams).

But guys. Honestly. We all know there's a lot more to pitching than ERA.

Like you know how Lou Piniella hates/despises/loathes/gets really frikkin' mad about walks?

Over the course of his career, Grabow has issued 4.15 walks per nine
innings. If you want to think of him as a set-up man, that means he'll be walking a guy every other night.

As a fan, that would piss me off. Imagine how many baby seals Lou Piniella will be clubbing next season if Grabow pulls this crap every other day.

The Cubs should know better. Why must they insist on wasting several million dollars every year on a crappy, oldish veteran who's not really all that good?

Like Scott Eyre or Bob Howry? Or worse, AARON FREAKING MILES?!

For a team with a payroll well over $100 million, this really isn't a huge deal. But check this math out:

Reed Johnson + John Grabow + Aaron Miles, at $3 million each equals...

...Milton Bradley's 2010 salary.

Just saying!

AJ, he DOES throw with the 'other hand'

in terms of available lefties, he really isn't bad. Yes, in terms of all relief pitchers, he is kind of bad. Some folks think you can run out all righties, as long as they are good. Like yourself. But there are some left handed batters that inexplicably quiver with fear at a lefty, regardless of his quality. So you gotta have a Grabow here for that purpose.

We already have Marshall? Yes. I firmly believe you need two. I am ok with signing him. Just because you wasted money on Miles, Bradley and Johnson doesn't mean you shouldn't try to resign this guy.

Scott Eyre?

Scott Eyre? Are you talking about the guy Lou ran out of town?

The guy who, in the season-and-a-half since then, has an ERA under 2.00 and has walked only 4 batters in 61 games?

The guy with the World Championship ring?

I wouldn't mind getting him back, even at $3 million per.

I like how you referred to it

I like how you referred to it as the Tom Gorzelanny trade. Gorz had great stuff once and I thought he was the most interesting part of the trade as well. We have to find another lefty in the pen, It sure as hell better not be Neal Cotts. To think David Aardsma finally figures it out and Cotts get progressively worse.

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