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Geo Soto not injured in large fuel explosion near San Juan

A major fuel storage depot exploded today near San Juan, PR, as reported by CNN and other news sources.

Investigators are trying to determine the cause of the mishap, which has injured one person critically and caused thousands more to be evacuated.  One report describes how investigators have been talking to Geovany Soto, catcher of the Chicago Cubs, who himself narrowly escaped injury.

Reportedly, Soto was at a city park near the site of the explosion, enjoying a traditional Puerto Rican meal of mofongo, lechon, and peas-and-rice, with friends and family.  An unidentified man carrying a Russian-made bazooka opened fire in the general direction of Soto's meal, vaporizing the wooden table, the meal, and in the process, reportedly striking one of the nearby diesel storage tanks.

The unidentified man was described to be in his sixties, top-heavy with a large stomach, silver hair and a slow, deliberate gait. However, in the confusion, he was able to slip away unnoticed.  Soto was able to direct his family and friends to safety, aided by the use of his catcher's mask which he always keeps nearby.  The 2008 NL Rookie of the Year regretted not being able to identify his assailant, as well as not being able to finish the excellent mofongo, which reportedly was made of pollo.

Attempts to reach Soto's manager, Lou Piniella of Tampa, Florida, were unsuccessful.



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