Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Now that it is over...

At least two or three times this year, I have invited you folks to respond to a simple question: What is it that you want from Goatriders?  I don't recall getting back anything.  Perhaps it is too hard of a question to answer, or maybe you just didn't care.

It was obvious very early on, to my eyes, that we weren't watching a championship ballclub, as it was constructed.  So I complained about it.  Sure, I suppose none of my complaints did any good, nor will they ever.  We can fantasize that a Jim Hendry or a Randy Bush might run across goatriders.org, pore over our words of wisdom, and contemplate our immense acumen, but I suppose if I were them, I wouldn't read the blogs either, because I wouldn't want to read somebody smarter than myself.  I might start feeling inferior, as a result.

This is where I say I told you so.  I'm not going to dance on the grave because, frankly, I feel just as shitty about 2009 as you do.  It isn't a thrill of mine to lose, believe me.  I just feel that we owe you the truth here, because not only are you Cubs fans, but you are the small percentage of the smartest Cubs fans out there, that you seek us out.  You're friends here, and I always confide in my friends.  I won't sit here and watch you get pissed on and tell you it's raining.

But, when all is said and done, all we can do is....gulp...Wait Until Next Year!

Christ, that was lame. 

Choke on a syringe, Pujols!  You too, Manny Bitch Tits!  Go see who's scamming your wife now, Hole Camels.

Go Rox??

What do I want from GROTA ?

What do I want from GROTA ? What I've gotten. A place to vent. A place to read different takes on the Boys in Blue. The cautiously optimistic Kurt or the realist (if it sucks it sucks ) Rob . Faustus 1500 with the hilarious reader's comments. It is my favorite of Cubs' sites. Maybe you could have guest bloggers from the Cardinal's , Reds etc...sites. I loved seeing the links to the Cub's haters T-shirts. Thanks for helping me with the free psychotherapy during yet another year of SUCKDOM !

What I want?

More of the same. My favorite thing about GROTA is the tone here. It's not starry eyed bullshit like at BCB, but it's also not relentless sarcasm and pessimism like at ACB. Keep taking the clear eyed approach to Cubs fandom. And keep the content coming during the offseason!

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