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Reader Blog: Bang the Drum Slowly

Well, crap.  I have watched this season from a sickening distance.  I know from keeping up with the site, that my views differ from a lot of the guys on here, but I gotta admit, I felt this one coming.

I have always felt that bad things happen when you try to "buy" a championship.  Hendry and Co. looked at last years fizzle and threw the checkbook at it.  How else do you explain the poorly considered additons of Gregg, Heilman, and Bradley.

It's been beaten to death, but I still believe if Dero and Woody had hung around, we are contending.  When you remove the heart and soul of a team, it can never be good.  Maybe the Brass was attempting a personanlity transplant from the guys who couldn't quite get over the hump to a dugout full of red-ass competition freaks.  Whatever, it failed.

As a fan base we have lost our ability to allow youngsters to develop, or a player to bust out of a slump.  Everybody wants an all-star at every position.  This team isn't the Yankees.  In truth, I don't want them to be.  I hope the new ownership is committed to winning by building a dominant team that contends year in and year out.

Get the team an ace, some bullpen help, and a psychosis free outfielder.  The big win is coming and when it gets here I will celebrate in an Old Style induced haze.  When the smart-ass Cardinal fans say it'll be another hundred years, I'll tell 'em to kiss my World Championship Celebrating Ass.  Go Cubs!

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