Goatriders of the Apocalypse

It appears the Ricketts family is finally going to move in. What is the urgency of Wrigley Field renovations?

Don't touch a thing, it's the most beautiful bar, er, I mean park, in the world
0% (0 votes)
Tweaks and necessary fixes should suffice
25% (5 votes)
The day this season is over, start renovations, a section at a time
30% (6 votes)
They should announce it is closed for 2011, gut it and do it right
30% (6 votes)
Build a replica park nearby
0% (0 votes)
Shoot, slap up a nouveax-retro ball mall in Naperville
0% (0 votes)
Start buying up land around Wrigley, so people can park their cars
0% (0 votes)
Who cares, as long as the beer flows and the Sox suck?
15% (3 votes)
Total votes: 20

Big Z

I can't believe how many people are suggesting trading Zambrano. They forget how few starting pitcher there are in baseball who has won more games than Carlos over the last 5 years. Sure he has his moments of lost focus but when he is right he is a marvel to see.If Hendry were to trade him during the off season he would not get value because the Cubs are leaking negative crap about him.If you were trying to sell your car would you tell everyone what a piece of junk it was?

Zambrano's biggest problems this years lack of run support he has to pitch a shut out to win and injury.If you look at this club and know what you are looking at you realize the problems are # 1 run production & lead off hitter #2 an RBI guy in middle of order (look it Cards after they got Holiday) last year we had Soto and Derosa #3closer who throw strikes #4 catcher who can hit ( our catcher are hittin under .250 #5 defensive corner outfielder with pop (see#2) .#6 team speed and baserunning.# 7 5th starter if Harden leaves.

All of this needs to be addressed before any Zambrano crazy talk.You trade a Zambrano at the peak of his value ie at the trade deadline after you are out of it and someone will always need pitching and will over pay.

couple of problems with your comment

According to you, Z's biggest problem is "Zambrano's biggest problems this years lack of run support he has to pitch a shut out to win and injury". No, that is incorrect. Lilly, Wells, and Dempster all have had similar lack of run support, injuries, and porous offense. But none of them are being discussed? No, Z's biggest problem is Z himself, and until he can channel his emotions, he will never again win big in this league.

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