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Bradley sent home; is this a sign he's staying next year?

Look, if they were really thinking about trading him this winter, wouldn't they just run his dumb ass out there every night for the rest of the year, to see if they couldn't get his .255, 12, 40 up to around maybe .260, 14, 50?  In fact, I interpret this action as a sign he is STAYING. 

If they didn't care, if he was dead to them after this season, they would just leave him alone.  By suspending him, they are sending him a message they hope gets through his thick, thick skull - If You Rip The Fans, then We Send You Home.

Besides, is THIS any way of driving up his trade value?  Suspending him for the final two weeks? 

Actually, my prediction?  This suspension doesn't stick.  Either he whines to the Players' Union, or Hendry does a flip-flop after Bradley comes in and lays a sob story on him.

The caveat to letting him play

The caveat of letting him play is that he could continue to stink it up like the beginning of the season, and he could aggravate the fans even more. At least this way, they can showcase some of their players from the farm system.

well, there is that, most definitely, but

Suspending him just erased what minimal trade value he might have had to a Kansas City or Toronto, low pressure places that are crying for outfield production.

The Cubs will end up eating every last penny of the $21 million still owed him.

pocket change

If the Cubs were managed properly given their revenue streams, $21 million would be pocket change.

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