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You stay classy St. Louis- anti-Cubs T-Shirts.

Rob: big huge ups for you, faustus.  And for those of you who crawled in my ass last month when I suggested that other fanbases had equated Cub Fandom to Homosexuality (to the disrespect and detriment of both concepts)...enjoy!!

A poster yesterday mentioned how Cubs fans are unclassy morons. Let me introduce you to Cardinal Nation.

gifts from Cardinal Nation.

Ford Debuts the Model T

Hey, Cardinals fans are more likely to bust your balls over the "not since 1908" thing. If you're looking south to lay blame for this stuff, you could stop before you even leave Chicago -- I think this crap has more of a White Sox taint to it...


These images were ripped from Cards fan sites. Don't get me wrong there are a lot classy Cards fans out there. However, you have to remember all of those South County and St. Charles County Hoosier Cards fans. I was up in Chicago for a convention with a Cards fan buddy of mine. He kept on randomly walking up to kids with Cubs gear and screaming "The Cubs suck" in their faces.

The Cubs Suck in the snow was in the crater in what will eventually become Ballpark Village. It was well before baseball season, and some Cards fans took the time and the effort to do this.


Well, "Cubs Suck" in the snow seems kind of harmless, particularly in St. Louis where it'll melt away in 3 days or so. But as for the rest, it makes me sad to think it came from Cards fan sites. And there's NO excuse for getting in a little kid's face -- that makes me angry.

I guess it's true: whatever the disagreement -- war, politics, sports rivalries or philosophies -- there's always somebody on your side that you wish was on the other side.

In defense of the Cardinals

In defense of the Cardinals sites where they were found, while it's quite possible that they actually MADE them, those same dopes could easily have found them elsewhere and shared them. Historically I've made a lot of fun of Cub players (particularly during the sucky era of the Baker years) and more than a few found themselves on Cardinals websites. The difference is that they weren't racist, so much as they were prejudiced against shitty athletes.

Side note -- I'll probably fire up my photoshop in the near future and go back the old days of mocking Cub players. Bradley in particular has it coming.

A number of the images were

A number of the images were from t-shirts which I have seen in St. Louis. For instance, I have seen the Zambrano shirt. I have seen the "gay bar" and the "gay bear shirt" a million times. I had the Bin Laden image sent to me before by a Cards fan. They have such shirts for sale right outside Busch Stadium. Like I said there are a lot of classy Cards fans. Unfortunately, its the really obnoxious ones that irk me. I mean KC fans hate Cards.


I have heard hundreds of obnoxious anti-Cubs jokes such as: How many gays does it take to push over a car? We don't know the Cubs haven't won a world series.

I didn't hate Cards fans or the Cards themselves before I moved to St. Louis. Hell, I wanted them to beat the Braves in the 1996 NLCS. However, that changed when I moved to St. Louis. Kurt, Imagine if the White Sox fanbase were four times the size. Remember the White Sox didn't have anything to gloat about until 2005. Most of the jokes they had about the Cubs were probably lifted from Cards fans. I think many Cubs fans outside of the St. Louis area realize how large an obsession the Cubs failing is. I mean some of things I have said about that them have been toungue cheek, but there are lot of them who would think the world would end if the Cubs won it all.

Oh yeah this gem of a video united Sox and Cards fans alike


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