Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Joe Posnanski is a good writer.

Joe Posnanski is one of the best sportswriters out there, and following Kurt's addition to yesterday's recap, I'm reminded of some of his work.

Joe writes some non-sports stuff in addition to his SI cover stories. He's even got his own movie rating scale, which he writes about here (scroll down to the second paragraph in italics).

Everyone's heard of the typical overall score--your standard, 3 out of 5 stars, or whatever it is, rating. The interesting scale Joe uses is the "Expectation" scale. If you went into the movie theatre THINKING you were going to see a 2-out-of-5, but ended up seeing a 4-out-of-5, you'd probably have had a better time than someone expecting a 5-out-of-5.

The point is, expectations have a lot to do with your level of satisfaction with a given performance. We all thought the Cubs would be the class of the NL, and they're not. At the same time, 4.5 back on August 14th, they still have that glimmer of hope left. Would you rather it be 2005, or 2006?

Doesn't that Totally New and Fresh Perspective change your view of the Cubs' season this year? I figured it would!

If anyone is looking for a

If anyone is looking for a good read, Posnanski's "The Soul of Baseball: A Trip Through Buck O'Neal's America" is great!

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