Goatriders of the Apocalypse

UUUGGGGHHHH!!! Aaron Miles Returns. Also, Bye Bye Ry Ry.

In a craptastic roster move that took place this afternoon, the Cubs have sent Jeff Stevens back to Iowa to work on his schtuff.

Taking his place?

Aaron Bleeping Miles.


This move upsets me for two reasons. First, why Stevens instead of Samardzija? The Cubs are seriously mishandling the Shark, and it's annoying. Consider his bullpen appearances thus far a sunk cost, do what's right, and send that kid back to Triple A, where he can work as a starting pitcher.

Second, Aaron Miles sucks. Every at-bat he receives will be a waste, and another small step preventing this team from winning the division. I hope to God he's cut before the end of the month.

(I'd also happily accept a breakout offensive performance in the last two months of the season, after which I will eat my own words and look like an idiot. But until then, UUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!)

ALSO! According to reports, BJ Ryan has asked to be released by the Cubs. He will not be helping the major league team any time this year. So it's Grabow and Marshall, and maybe Gorzo after Lilly comes back, in the 'pen as far as lefties go.

Go Cubs.


Gorzo wasn't great coming from the pen. Also, if he does well. What do we do with the rotation? Personally, I feel more comfortable with Gorzo starting than Harden at this point.

Gorzo and Harden both will

Gorzo and Harden both will have a few more chances to start before Lilly comes back. Let's see if their efforts clarify anything.

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