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About Last Night

I have to preface this comment by saying it is not positive. After last night’s win, it probably should be, but it is anything but.

I hate Alfonso Soriano.

In a city that idolizes the everyman and "grinders" and guys who just play the game, any game, the right way, Soriano is the antithesis. He cares not about his team or this city or sometimes, I don’t even think he cares about his own stats.

I went to the game last night, stayed all the way to the end and when he came up with the bases loaded, no outs, and an 0 for 5 with 3 strikeouts in his box score, I was almost upset. Not that he would screw it up. No, I was upset because I knew he was going to win it. I was upset because the guy who looked terrible for 4 at-bats and then just plain childish on one (the no run grounder), was going to be vindicated by being the de facto hero of the game. Anyone (with the obvious exception of little leaguer Mike Fontenot) could have won that game in that situation, yet it had to be the guy who mentally needed it the least.

You could make the argument that he did need it and it was helpful for him mentally, but I just don’t see that happening. I see him taking away 1 thing away from this game: Soriano can do whatever he wants. He can be god awful for 12 innings, but if he does just one thing right, he’s doing his job. It’s like dealing with a toddler. If you don’t explain the consequences of right and wrong, they’re just going to continue to do the same thing over and over. (And if you don’t think the analogy of Soriano being a toddler is accurate, then you haven’t seen this embarrassing video of his cluelessness.)

I hope I’m wrong, I’ve been positive about most things that have occurred this season, but when that ball landed way out in center and he did that stupid face swipe motion to everyone (including stiffing Quade on his high five request around third. Seriously, just pitiful) I couldn’t have been more annoyed that I stayed there for three hours to see him get mobbed at the plate by his more deserving teammates.

Alright, ranting finished. I’m not even sure this made sense; I didn’t have time to proofread it at work. Let’s stay in first. Go Cubs.

All I'll say is that until

All I'll say is that until his teammates begin leaking stories of his selfishness, until his coach goes public about how brash and bullheaded he is, until it's revealed that he's an egotistical douchebag, then you are making a bunch of assumptions that indeed are probably not true.

In fact, I'm pretty sure I've read more than one article describing Sori as a "clubhouse leader." Just because he's struggled all year -- and most of last night -- doesn't mean he doesn't care, and just because he "stiffed" Quade on his high five doesn't mean he's a selfish player. So, I've got to disagree with you on this one.

oh give me a break

The guy has been slumping for a good portion of the season, he's coming out of it. He's been pretty quiet through all of it. Not saying a word about it, persevering through it all and from the comments I've read genuinely feeling guilty about not being able to provide his team and fans with the offense they deserve. Give the guy a break, he doesn't go around making excuses, blaming others, or badmouthing anyone (even the media and fans who have been pretty harsh at times). If he wants to celebrate a grand slam, who gives a shit? I mean who really cares about this stuff? It's a pretty dumb thing to say that he doesn't care about his team,stats, or city just because he went 0 for 5 and ended up with a game winning grand slam.

Besides he'll probably get beaned right in the ass by Oswalt tonight for his little celebration after the granny. It'll probably make baseball a lot funner if you stop worrying about how much Soriano deserves to get a big hit and just enjoy it when he does get the big hit.

I'm going to have to back Augie on a few of his points

I don't think Soriano is a bad guy or an unpleasant guy, but often I wonder just how productive he would be if he were somehow able to mesh himself within the "team concept" of baseball.

It's kind of a running gag here, to say that Soriano "selfishly" hit a homer today. When the numbers are tallied at the end of the year, he will have gotten his. And there are whole months at a time that he will carry the Cubs, winning games we might not have otherwise. Then again, we lost games in May and June because he couldn't hit dick.

Any manager will tell you that they most appreciate the kind of player who is consistent, so they can count on their contribution and plan accordingly. That has never been Soriano.

If we had a loaded lineup, he'd be a great hood ornament. Since we do not...his streakiness affects our place in the standings. As Soriano goes, so do the Cubs.

I'm not sure he is selfish, but he definitely does his own thing.


You are correct. Soriano was dumped by the Yankees and Washington because he was a hotdog that cared not at all for the team or himself at times. His unpredictable glove, unorthodoxy in everything else, and attitude on top of it is more than the Cubs can afford. Pinella has endured Alfonso and Bradley all season and done so with little more than a sheepish grin, much to his credit. These guys are eroding what could have been a fun season. Oh and to add to some recent observations regarding Fontenot. Yes, he is having a rotten year, but he is serving his primary function: to keep Theriot from getting homesick. It's one thing to have a shortstop with limited range...Lew is wise enough not to add a bad attitude to that.

A hotdog, eh? Can you show us

A hotdog, eh?

Can you show us a single article written when Sori was a Yankee, National, or Ranger in which there was a mention of team strife or alienation against him?

For that matter, in a city that loves to call out its sports stars, can you show us a single Chicago article that so much as HINTS at clubhouse strife or selfishness created by Soriano?

Frankly, I'd be more worried about any player who is so self-centered that there's a risk he may grow "homesick" if a player was traded or released from the team, but that's just me...

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