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Introducing Jeff Stevens

To keep the 'pen fresh as we approach the All-Star Break, the Cubs have sent Kevin Hart back to Iowa, and will put Jeff Stevens on the major league roster in his place.

Jeff Stevens is one of the three pitchers the Cubs received in the DeRosa deal, and by the looks of how he's been pitching lately, it seems like he should see at least moderate success in the majors. In his last 14.1 innings pitched in Triple A, he's struck out 21 batters, and allowed just four walks. Cool!

From what I can gather from across the interwebs, he primarily uses his low-to-mid nineties fastball, a decent change-up, and a curveball with a lot of break. As a complete sucker for K/9 rates and K/BB ratios, I'm interested in seeing what this kid has to offer for the major league club.

I think Stevens can be a

I think Stevens can be a serrvicable member of the bullpen, but I can't wait for the day when our bullpen consists of Gregg, Marmol, Marshall, Heilman, Gaub, Samardzija and Guzman

Wait, really? Why do you like

Wait, really? Why do you like Gaub so much? Is he even in Iowa?


Though he's 24 and still in AA, Gaub is a southpaw and you know the saying about lefties maturing late. In 28 2/3 innings he's allowed just 19 hits and recorded 40 K's. Inconsistent control (17 BB's) seems to be his biggest hurdle. In A ball in the Cleveland minor league system last year, Gaub struck out a whopping 100 batters in 64 innings while giving up only 44 hits. That is absolutely fantastic, though he did walk 32. Hopefully he'll continue to progress and make the controversial DeRosa trade a winning move for the Cubs.

Gaub moved into AAA a few

Gaub moved into AAA a few weeks ago


I didn't realize he made the jump. It couldn't have been two long ago if he hasn't even thrown 3 innings yet in AAA, but he deserved the promotion.

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