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News Flash: The Shark Is Back

Following yesterday's Fuld-for-Miles move, the Cubs have another roster swap to announce.

According to ESPN.com, the Cubs will send Jose Ascanio back to Iowa, and will recall fan favorite Jeff Samardzija to replace him. Samardzija will operate out of the bullpen for the Cubs.

In terms of pure stuff, it seems like Samardzija should have Wells' rotation spot, and Wells should be in the 'pen. But Wells has done nothing but succeed while pitching as a starter, so if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Jeff's issue has always been control, and if you check his player page with the Iowa Cubs, you'll see that he's still been walkin' dudes, even in his past few games. Hopefully he's able to throw strikes at the major league level.

As a refresher, here's our current bullpen:

Gregg (CL)
Marmol (SU)

Getting Guzman back from the DL will make that a pretty serviceable group, if you ask me.


Any bullpen that includes David Patton is far from serviceable.

Since May 1

Here's David Patton's line since the first of May:

13.1IP, 13H, 7BB, 10K, 2HR, 2.70ERA

They're not stellar numbers. But he's getting the job done.

More effectively than some other Cubs relievers, anyway.


What is a more important number is inherted runners allowed to score. If the run that scored is charged to the previous pitcher Patton's ERA is not affected. My money would say that with 13 hits in 13 innings he is letting a lot of runs score. I DO NOT have any proof, so I could be wrong.

Fangraphs has his LOB%, or

Fangraphs has his LOB%, or "left on base" percentage. It's 71.4%, which is just a hair under the league average of 71.9%.

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