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The Worst Trade since Brock for Broglio

...was clearly when the Cubs traded Mark DeRosa for Milton Bradley.  I won't listen to any arguments regarding this.  If you disagree with me, then maybe you should try reading more blogs because you're an idiot.

  •  Fact: the Cubs are BELOW .500 this year and last year they were ABOVE .500.
  • Fact: In yesterday's game, Marmol's eye's wandered to the Cubs dugout in search of his scruffy leader.  But there was no DeRosa.  Marmol proceeded to cough up the lead.
  • Fact: Bradley did not catch the double that lead to the winning run scoring.  GEE, I wonder if it would have helped to have DeRosa in right field.

What can never be replaced is a winner, and DeRosa has always been a winner when he played on the Braves and the Cubs.  Bradley has ONLY ever been a winner when he played with the Dodgers and Oakland.  And that's a FACT. 

And another FACT is that the Cubs didn't have any of these clubhouse chemistry issues when DeRosa was on the team, other than the first half of 2007 when Zambrano punched his catcher.  Yep, THAT'S RIGHT, it only took DeRosa HALF A SEASON to fix all the Cubs clubhouse problems.  It has taken Bradley only half a season to RUIN the Cubs great chemistry.  THANKS A LOT, Bradley.

And now, because the Cubs traded DeRosa for this loser Bradley, Soriano, Soto, and Fontenot are ALL struggling.  NOBODY can hit.  You'd have a hard time playing too if you lost your best teammate and the soul of your team.  

And now the Cardinals have taken away our only chance at redeeming this season.  I couldn't feel any worse if they had acquired DeRosa's closed comparable player, Mike Lamb.  Or, god forbid, Gabe Kaplar.  Yes, I kid you not.  DeRosa is THAT GOOD.  He's Mike Lamb IN HIS PRIME.  Unbelievable.

And we have Milton Bradley.  Milton Bradley, he of an OPS 74 points lower than Mark DeRosa and a heart 74 times smaller.  

Simply a massive fail, Mr. Hendry.  A massive fail.

So when do we get to start

So when do we get to start calling this the Curse of Mark DeRosa? Or is it just the Curse of Jim Hendry?

Gabe Kapler

I think you mean Gabe Kaplan. I am pretty sure Lou was a fan.

Not Milton Bradley

It appears we actually traded Mark DeRosa for Aaron Miles. Mr. Hendry, you are reaping what you have sown.

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