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News Flash: DeRosa To Cardinals

Apparently, Mark DeRosa has been traded to the Cardinals.

This past offseason, many Cub fans were disappointed to hear that Mark would not be a part of the Cubs' roster in 2009. Perhaps you were one of those fans.

Of course, not everyone was all that upset. Several "DeRosa skeptics" (myself included) tried to argue that Mike Fontenot's overwhelming success in limited at-bats in 2007 and 2008 would carry over into this season. Our younger, cheaper, defensively superior, left-handed option (those advantages remain true) would hit (that hasn't happened), and the Cubs would be fine.

Fast forward to the end of June 2009, and Mark is now the enemy. Let's take a look at what might have been had the Cubs retained Mark DeRosa for 2009, in comparison to the rest of the team:

DeRosa's Current Batting Average: .270

That would rank 3rd among Cub starters that have played in more than 20 games.

DeRosa's Home Run Count: 13

Mark would be 2nd on the team in home runs.

DeRosa's On Base Percentage: .342
DeRosa's Slugging: .457

Mark would be 5th in OBP (Fuk, Lee, Theriot and MB are 1-4), and 2nd in slugging (behind Lee, assuming you don't count Fox, Hoff, or Scales as a regular).

Given those ranks, I could easily see DeRosa making the Cub offense significantly better had he been retained for this season. Of course, it's nearly impossible to suggest that DeRosa would have precisely the same numbers if he played for an entirely different team, in an entirely different league.

But those of us that thought last year was a fluke? Not only were we wrong; now, we have to be reminded of our mistake every time the Cardinals come to town.

This should be fun.

Well, I guess I'll see you

Well, I guess I'll see you guys next year -- assuming the Cardinals don't re-sign DeRosa at the end of the year.

Saw this coming

However, I didn't think the Cards would give up on their so called reliever of the future. I am pissed, but with the Cubs stupid things happen.

Once again White Trash Nation takes a step forward while our short bus Cubbies take a step back.

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