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Pinella DOES Know A Reefer

Lou Pinella admitted that he smoked pot.  Once.  

No big deal really, as a lot of people have tried it.  I did too in college...wasn't a fan.

But what cracks me up is that back when Sammy was linked to have tested positive for PED's back in 2003, which means steroids, Pinella said the following:  "I wouldn't know the difference between a reefer and a steroid."

Well, technically, since Lou has now admitted that he knew what a reefer is, shouldn't he know the difference between a reefer and a steroid?

When he said that comment last week, I told a friend, jokingly, that Lou had better not have tried pot, otherwise some smart aleck might bring this up one day.  I just didn't know I would be that smart aleck  ;)


When Lou tried the refeer he thought he was using steroids. Perhaps that confusion is what he's referring to. Reefering too? hmm...

I just think it's funny that

I just think it's funny that in our culture it's ok to have tried it once and not liked it rather than to have smoked like a fiend and loved it.

Then again, the world's best swimmer? Hits the bong with FURY.

The world's fastest man? Learned how to roll a joint before his voice changed.

Maybe it's time for the pot stigma to completely go away... or at least to stay out of sports.

Soto - not so smart maybe???

Maybe Soto isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, and thought Lou meant the effects were the same, and thus tried the safer, easier-to-cleanse-from-system version. Knowing that Michael Phelps and other gold medalists had used the PER (Performance-Enhancing Reefer) with great success...why not?!

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