Goatriders of the Apocalypse

All of my detractors

Dear Detractors,

Please feel free to line up, queue up, in back of me right now:

Seems Geo Soto had good reason for his "case of the munchies" this off-season!

You may all commence kissing my big fat butt!!!  One at a time, please.



Nice call.

You can spot a growing grown fat man's ass. Nice call.

What this means

Is that our reigning Rookie of the Year thought that he was above the game; that instead of doing everything he could to prepare to win a World Series in 2009, he thought it would be ok to smoke pot.

This is indicative of a genuine lack of committment by Geo Soto to his craft, his team, and most of all, to us.

I saw this from the first game, I came out here and noted it, and every mama's boy in God's green earth came down on me for it.

You drink the Kool-Aid, sometimes you come away with blue lips. Just don't ever F---ING tell me I don't know the game!!!!


Never missing an opportunity to pat yourself on the back, eh Rob??


How does this mean that he thinks he's above the game? That's quite a large leap.

Soto = High

Maybe this explains why he couldn't hit to start the year, because he was high. At least he is now though.


Why can't you people politely kiss Rob's butt? Geez.

I heard that Soto isn't getting the rest that he was given last year, primarily because of the Dero trade. There is no power on the bench and less power on the field so, supposedly, Soto is playing more. It's a theory and one worth either verifying or shooting down. Any takers?

Big Deal!

So what if he smokes weed. It has nothing at all to do with his slump this season. And Rob, you're making yourself sound like an idiot for saying you knew the whole time.

Soto getting rest...

Did a quick check...through 6/25/08, G.S. played in 71 games. Through 6/25/09, G.S. has played in 58 games. Please note the '08 season started a week earlier than this year. Also, I didn't differentiate where he came in as a PH and played an inning or two behind the plate. Anyway, it appears he's getting a little MORE rest this year...perhaps some of it due to his early inability to smoke, er, I mean hit pitchers.



So it's unlikely that theory has any merit. I'm not sure what to think.


I'm thinking he didn't just start smoking up in the offseason. That would mean that he smoked last season and still played at a high level.

So I'm not sure I believe the correlation. I tend to lean way more towards the obvious pain in his hand and the mention of shoulder problems. But that's just the fanboy in me speaking.

Yeah Rob, you know I'm your

Yeah Rob, you know I'm your friend and even *I* think you're making a big ass mountain out of a molehill here.


Michael Phelps and that gold medal snowboarder a couple Olympics back (well, every snowboarder, ever)...its not a performance enhancer, nor is it a detractor. The reasons for Soto's problems probably have nothing to do with smoking pot and everything to do with a feeling of complacency. He needs to re-ignite the fire of a drive to succeed. The talent is there, it just has a hard time lugging around those 30 extra pounds or so.

I really just think he was

I really just think he was struggling. Why does everyone seem to think Soto's struggles were somehow related to something other than just plain, old struggling.

Was David Ortiz simply resting on his laurels? Or did he just get in a funk he couldn't get out of?

There is no power on the

There is no power on the bench and less power on the field so, supposedly, Soto is playing more.


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