Goatriders of the Apocalypse

In which I call out Rob for his transgressions

Yesterday, the NYTimes outed Sammy Sosa as a steroid user. To no one's surprise, no one was surprised.

In response, Rob, the long-standing-anti-Sammy-voice of Goat Riders climbed atop his well worn soap-box and delivered his opinion. This opinion led to a post at Another Cubs Blog calling Rob "ridiculously stupid," a "racist pile of garbage," a "shit," and a "waste of space." MB21, the eloquent author, did not support his claims with any examples, he just made them, and then suggested that Rob climb in a bathtub full of water with a plugged in toaster.

When Kurt, and later I, objected to this post. We weren't met with an apology, but rather more vitriol.

Stepping back, GROTA is a blog. We traffic in opinions. Lame ones (see me), insightful ones (see stats posts), funny ones (see Jason), boring ones, ignorant ones, dumb ones, good ones, etc. And to top it off, we're not afraid to criticize those opinions... but we (the ruling council of GROTA) have declared that personal attacks are out. If you say something stupid, your opinion is stupid, not necessarily the person with the opinion. If a player performs poorly on the field, they performed poorly, that doesn't mean they are a bad person.

While GROTA isn't perfect in sticking to our rule, we're much better at it then some of the other blogs in the CBA. (Your Honor, I broke the law, but not as bad as that guy!) Furthermore, the solid friendship cemented electronically, alcoholically, burito-ey, and reality-ey between the Goat Riders often leads us to act like a pack. We take care of our own instinctively. No one wants to be torn apart by wild hyenas, so we protect the whole pride when we're under attack. Whether that's a fault or a strength, I'm not sure. But, it is what it is.

So now, the hyena's are circling. Our fellow Cubs blogging brethren think that one of our own is a "piece of shit" and we're not too happy about it. We're snapping and snarling on instinct, but I've been asked by MB21 of ACB to put that instinct aside and look at the situation objectively. So, I will do so, to the best of my ability.

Long-time readers (you know, those who actually remember when I used to be an active member of this community) know that Rob and I almost never agree. It took a long time before the out-front tensions were erased by the familiarity of getting to know someone beyond their blog posts, but for several years now, Rob and I have been friends and we've come to a mutual understanding of our own predilections. Most importantly, we both realize that each of us have value because we are people, and not because we hold the right/wrong opinions.

So, it is with some dismay that I will note that Rob was wrong in his post from yesterday. He called Sammy a "lying, cheating, scumbag creep." I agree that Sammy has lied. He has also cheated, but I think Rob overstepped the boundaries calling Sammy a scumbag creep. Perhaps Rob could have finished his list of three with a "selfish steroid user."

That's it. That's the only thing in Rob's entire rant that I found inappropriate, and frankly, I expect Rob would explain that calling Sammy a scumbag creep is the conclusion of his argument, which he proceeded to defend with a long list of selfish actions on Sammy's behalf. (Note the difference between ACB's unsupported attack on Rob and Rob's supported attack on Sammy.)

So therefore, I'm officially calling out Rob. You should not have called Sammy a scumbag creep. I don't think that GROTA should back you up on that one opinion and I'll disassociate myself with that statement.

As for ACB, I've shared my opinions with MB21, and he's responded. I disagree with most of his opinions, but I'll leave it to this: I think MB21 is too quick to judge, too quick to inflame, and probably not a very nice person. In other words, he's a meanie. My momma told me to ignore the meanies on the playground, so I will proceed to do so. ACB is dead to me.

Well, there WAS the story

Well, there WAS the story about how Sammy beat his wife with a rum bottle back in the early '90's ... but I digress.

DUDE, I forgot all about that!

I also didn't mention the 40 grand wrapped in a towel he "lost" in the airport, or Manny Alexander, his "best friend", caught with a glove box of syringes full of a certain performance enhancing substance.

But like I said earlier today, yesterday's media leak, while immoral in the face of "anonymous testing", provides closure for me.

So if Byron wants me to take back calling him a "scumbag creep", np. I'll do that, happily. That's what a team player does sometimes. Unlike some people who used to wear Roberto Clemente's number for us and used to do a stupid bunny...

...no no. I'm past it.

As for the whipsticks over at ACB, I suppose if I ever took the time to go out there and read what they had to say, chances are I'd be real upset. That's why I'm not gonna start now.

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