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And now, for something completely different

Kurt, we've spent eight years with the guy who curses us all in Spanish.

He's stuck it up Lassie Edmond's giggy.  He fed Bunny-Foo-Foo Barrett his teeth.  He's told more than one ump that NO, he's not gone, THEY are the ones that should be gone.  He's probably going to set the all-time record for homeruns by pitchers who did not change their name to "Babe" and gave up pitching.  He won last night's game pretty much by himself, with his bat, arm, AND glove.  He is easily the most entertaining Cub I have ever seen, and he is the guy that they based the "Most Interesting Man in the World" commercial campaign after.

And whether or not it is his fault or not, the Cubs did not progress past the NLCS in 2003, past the Central Division in 2004, 5 &6, and past the NLDS in 2007 and 8.  He gets injured doing things like trying to catch line drives with his bare hands, and beating out drag bunts.  He gets suspended on pretty much an annual basis for his disagreements with umpires, which does not do his manager any favors in terms of roster maintenance, not to mention his teammates, the next time they are held in judgment on a close pitch or tag.

I do not in any way shape or form want to get rid of Carlos Zambrano.  He is a friggin' beast, and I have reminded you of that fact hundreds of times.  Last night, he was again a friggin' beast.  And if there was a guarantee that he would comport himself for the rest of his careet as he did last night, I would state publicly that Zambrano is a Staff Ace.

But he won't, and I can't, and if it is not possible for us to keep both him and a Jake Peavy/Roy Oswalt/Roy Halliday-esque figure, I will go with the latter, because you can count on them to NOT get suspended, get injured doing something stupid, or any of that other crap that makes Zambrano less valuable than he should be.

I do think it should be noted

That Zambrano's suspension cost the Cubs nothing. Basically, his start was pushed back a day or so. No harm done.

I just don't see why Z's maturity (or lack thereof) is an issue. I don't think his teammates care and I don't think things like that would affect his ability to earn his teammates respect. They all argue with umpires, they all beat the hell out of water coolers, and they all do the occasional stupid thing. I just don't see why it's a big deal.

I really just think that there's no evidence that Zambrano is anything less than the leader you want him to be. We don't see what goes on behind closed doors. We also never hear any thing bad said about Z from any teammate, current or former. Until shown otherwise, I'm going to assume that he's awesome in every way, including in the clubhouse.


The other point being that while we've certainly witnessed some failings in October the last couple of years, Zambrano hasn't been one of them. He also hasn't been balls-to-the-walls effective, but he's been the team's #1 and he's shown us why.

This past winter I took an approach about Milton that I will now take to Carlos. I don't care what he does or how he is April thru September so long as 1) it doesn't cost the Cubs an appearance in October and 2) he does what he's paid to do in October, too.

Maybe it's a little ridiculous to say this but I'll do it anyway: from the fan's perspective, players are not paid for how they perform before the playoffs, except for when their performance is so bad that it costs our team a playoff appearance. For me, no Cub "earned his salary" in 2007 or 2008 because no Cub stepped up and won games in October. If Bradley goes the year batting .230 but manages to put on a clinic in the playoffs, I will say he's worth every penny.

First of all if you could

First of all if you could somehow get Roy Halladay for Carlos, do it!!!!! Halladay is 10 times better.

I prefer Peavy to Zambrano, Peavy, excluding his first month, has been phenominal, he has obviously settled down and is looking like is Cy Young self. Zambrano on the other had is erratic, will most likely be injured for good amounts of time for the rest of his career, and has an arm slot that seems to get lower by the day, which is very bad for effectiveness.

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