Goatriders of the Apocalypse

In which Geo Soto has done NOTHING to correct my low opinion of his 2009 effort

Yep, Carlos Marmol pitched like he was distracted, and Kevin Gregg fed Jeff Francoeur a succulent piece of meat, and I think enough time has passed - after 2 months, I am calling Milton Bradley an unqualified fraud!

But perhaps if Geo Soto coulda dropped his big fat ass down and blocked strike three, maybe there wouldn't be a guy on first when Francoeur launched his rocket, and perhaps we get out of there with a win. 

I am so gatdamn sick of his act this year!  Hendry and Piniella have hurt this team by not effectively addressing Soto's shortcomings, and in effect, the rest of the underperforming bums on this squad (Fontenot, Soriano, Zambrano to name a few) feel no pressure to improve.

I'm not calling the time of death yet - there is still time to win this division if Hendry makes some moves, and if Piniella gets off his ass and provides some leadership.  But simply stated, this particular team, as comprised, will be lucky to finish third.  Unless drastic measures are made, what you see is what you will get, all year. 


Again Rob, let's be careful about confusing "effort" with "performance"


What is all this focus you have on Soto, Rob. You seem to have deceided that he is the root cause of all the Cub's problems. My guess is that you built a fanasty team around him and spent big bucks to do it. The only other option is that you found out he is f'ing your dog and kicking your wife.

because his role on the team is so large

By the nature of his position: he is the QB of the defense, thus he holds a leadership position; he also calls pitches; handles the ball on every play; is in charge of throwing out basestealers; and oh yeah, hits in the middle of the order.

He won a major award, and the reason why he won it was because he worked his ass off for three years, to get his weight down, increase his agility, mobility and power.

So what does he do? Slacks off. He can talk to his pitchers all he wants, but who is going to listen to a guy who let himself get fat in the offseason?

I understand the difference between 'effort' and 'performance'. I am not seeing much of either from him.

Make no mistake, though. The ultimate responsibility does not lie with him. His management should have done something about him months ago. Instead, they're just sitting there with their thumbs up their asses, reminding us that "it is early".

It is not early anymore.


Is Soto heavier? To be honest I haven't noticed this season, so it can't be all that much. Could you please point out where he has exhibited a lack of effort? When you label a player as lazy you are making a character judgment. I don't think either of us are around Soto enough to make that sort of decision on his character. We don't know how much film he studies, how hard he works with pitchers, how he helps young pitchers, how much time he spends in the cage, etc.

So please, say he is not performing well. We do not know enough about his daily habits to label him as lazy.

That is true

HOWEVER, if you will notice the date for a second: February 13th. He then went to play for the WBC and promptly sat so 67 year old Pudge could "try out" for the majors again.

Soto had a grand total of 13 at bats in the WBC... I don't have the spring training stats in front of me... but if I had to guess, he would have gotten at least 4 times that amount in spring training.

I don't think Soto allegedly

I don't think Soto allegedly gained wait because he walked to the batters box 13 times instead of 52 times...but I see your point. I think if he came into February in good shape (using the same workout schedule that lost him 20 pounds the previous winter), I don't think that he's going to get grossly out of shape in 3 months when his sport is in-season.

I think if he gained weight it's very marginal and probably doesn't have a strong correlation to his performance. I think we'd find a stronger correlation with that bum shoulder.

I agree on the shoulder

It probably has much much more to do with the shoulder than spring training/WBC... however, I am an opponent of the WBC only because many of the players do not get consistent playing time and that really throws off their training to start the season. Otherwise, I think the WBC is great... but there needs to be a few more months in between the end of the season and spring training for it to actually work.

Soto would be a great example of this since he was ice cold to start the season and the shoulder didn't help any.

Agreed 100%

Agreed 100%

Blame Pinella not Hendry

Yesterday sucked. Couldn't have looked better and couldn't have ended much worse. Lost Bradley, lost the game, used a lot of bullpen on the first of 6 straight games.

However, I do put some of the blame on Pinella, but not so much Hendry. Hendry has given Pinella a decent replacement for Soto in Three Finger, but Pinella hasn't used him a whole lot in May.

Pinella needs to bat Soriano 3rd now that Bradley and ARam are out. And he needs get this team going.

I'm betting Fonte-No and Sori and Z all feel pressure to improve, but then I'm probably a glass half full of Cubbie Coolaid kind of guy. Smiling I think DLee is getting back to his normal self. Font will pick it up as will Soto. On the minus side, I'm anticipating Sori and Harden going down injured sometime this year.

At least your now injured "unqualified fraud" will give hot Reed more playing time.

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