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These five guys are just KILLING the Cubs right now

I am not going to elaborate; I trust you all will do it for me.  But this team would be a lot better, instantly, if these five guys were either released or sent to Iowa, and replaced by the next best five guys we have in the farm system:

Geo Soto, Ryan Freel, Aaron Miles, Neal Cotts and David Patton.

Yeah, Soto.  His OPS+ is the LOWEST of all NL regulars.  He has grounded into nine double plays, which also leads the NL.  He is slugging below .300.  He could not be more fat, sassy, and entitled. 

Send Soto to Iowa,  Patton back to Colorado, release Freel and Cotts, and do what you can with Miles.  Replace them with any five names you wish - Jeff Stevens, Mitch Atkins, Jake Fox, Wellington Castillo, and Andres Blanco - and we'll be instantly better.  This cannot be argued, this is fact. 

Whether or not this would be best in the long term, I personally feel it would.  This portion, argue amongst yourselves (or agree amongst yourselves, if need be).  But short term, Soto, Freel, Miles, Cotts and Patton are just KILLING us, and we just can't carry them, along with everyone else not named Lilly, Fukudome and Hill, who are slumping right now.

Just so we're clear ... I 80%

Just so we're clear ... I 80% agree with you. But Soto is batting around .290 since the start of May. He's not lumbering the ball but he is getting hits.

Yeah bud, you went overboard

Yeah bud, you went overboard on the Soto deal. Apart from his average returning to normal, Soto calls a great game, and offers plus defense. Geo Soto is a keeper, my friend.

As for the rest of that sorry bunch, I couldn't agree more.


Soto, in the last week, has hit .308 with a .400 obp. In the last month, he's been an above average hitter. As Kurt said, he's not mashing, but he's not killing us either. Plus he was out best player last year - and has hit into bad luck - so we should probably give him a break.

Incidentally, over the last month, Koyie Hill is hitting .133. I'm not sure that he's the better option. I'm not sure about Wellington Castillo, but I sort of doubt he has to potential to put up top 10 MVP numbers.

As far as the rest go, I agree. Make them go away.

NINE GIDPs doesn't hurt us?

Soto's sophomore jinx rivals that of the previous Cubs ROTY winner, Jerome Walton, although Walton could place all of his blame on his hamstrings. What's Soto's excuse?

I could not possibly be MORE disappointed in him. He IS the archetypical Rester on His Laurels.

Rob--I'm afraid you're

Rob--I'm afraid you're obsessing over a bad April, which immediately followed a spring in which Soto was stuck on the Puerto Rico WBC roster behind Pudge Rodriguez AND Yadier Molina. You also may have missed the Bob Brenley comment which surmised that Soto may have been dealing with various arm injuries in April.

You're most certainly entitled to your opinion, but I urge you to reconsider it.

and a bad May

although his May is better than his April, which is like saying the Mussolini was better than Hitler.

Hey, when we end up missing the postseason this year because our big shot Rookie of the Year catcher was a sophomore bust because nobody asked him to adjust his habits, don't cry to me.

But in May he's 19 for 66

But in May he's 19 for 66 with 3 doubles, 1 homer, 9 RBI, 9 walks, a .288 AVG, .377 OBP, and .755 OPS. The only thing he's not doing is slugging but I'll take a catcher who bats close to .290 and gets on base at close to a .380 clip.

It's sort of the same deal with Lee ... the guy is batting .333 with 4 homers in May. It's just that his April was so unforgivably bad -- as was Soto's -- that it's going to take about 3 months for their numbers to level out, assuming they stay slump free between now and then.

Just saying, the problem is more in the pen and the injuries. The Cubs need a 9th starter for the field and they need to completely re-do the bullpen. But while I doubt Soto will finish the year with 20 homers, he's headed in the right direction if he wants to avoid a sophomore slump season.

Cold Blooded

Man, I guess my post was too offensive, without any swearing or anything. It even contained relevant baseball information, regarding Wellington Castillo.

Alas, no one appreciates a good Top Gun reference. Sigh.

Which post?

Which post?

Did you have the post

Regarding seven up vs. sprite, goose vs ice man, etc? Not sure what happened with that post. Didn't seem that offensive to me.


Dat me.

I'm guessing from this morning's diatribe by that Rob guy, he didn't take kindly to my critique on his statements of 'fact'.

Honestly China, I reallllly

Honestly China, I reallllly don't think that happened the way you think it did. Yours wouldn't be the first time a comment got lost in publishing, but we do NOT delete comments unless they're spam/pure vulgarity.

Except apparently Jason saw

Except apparently Jason saw it also? And Rob's post is about "banning" and stuff? This one sounds suspicious to me.

Then I would assume it was an

Then I would assume it was an accidental deletion through unusual circumstances if it in fact existed for a time.

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