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Series Preview - Chicago Cubs vs San Diego Padres


What are the good things during this latest three game slump:

  • The starting pitching has been pretty darn good.  Lilly gave up three runs, Dempster two, and Marshall three.  Usually, that means a three game winning streak, not a mid-week futility streak.
  • The bullpen has been outstanding.  Zero runs during the three games.
  • The Cubs kind of hit the ball hard sort of a little bit.  They just hit it at people

The bad

  • Um...everything else?  How about the most pathetic offensive display I've seen in years.  How about no patience.  How about no power.  HOW ABOUT NO HITS!
  • Okay, so everything else is pretty much just the offense. The offense looks anemic.  Here's hoping it was just really good St. Louis pitching
  • Luck.  Luck has not been our friend recently

Sure, the St. Louis series was really frustrating to watch, but the two weeks before that series saw the Cubs win 11 out of 15.  Any change of seeing those Cubs in San Diego?

I think there's a decent chance.

The Match-Ups
May 22nd - Carlos Zambrano vs. Jake Peavy

Peavy, that is, unless he decides that the South Side is a desirable place to work.  Which, of course, would we a stupid thing to decide, but who knows.

Actually, maybe he'll be a Cub by tomorrow.  Then we get Peavy and we don't have to face him.  Niiiiice.  What can I say about Peavy?  He's real damn good.  I just can't wait to see Milton face him once more. 

As far as Carlos goes, I'm just really happy to get his bat back in the lineup.  But seriously, while Carlos is a really, really good hitter, I really think getting his energy back in the dugout will get the team all jazzed up again and they'll start winning.  Or that's just pop psychology crap and the only thing they need out of him is great pitching and hitting.  Either way.

May 23rd - Rich Harden vs. Josh Geer

Harden.  Oh, Harden.  Wait, nevermind, that's sounds dirty when I write it like that.  We all know how unbelievably dominating Harden can be when his changeup is on, but we just haven't seen it since the first few games of the season.  He needs to get that thing down and throw it for strikes.  When he gets that going again, he will be completely unhittable.

Josh Geer (note to self: not Greer.  Geer) is...let's see...a pitcher.  Who's...right handed.  And...went to Rice!  How's that for a scouting report.  According to cubs.com, Geer has lots of movement on his pitches but tend to leave the ball up and he gives up lots of homers.  Luckily he's facing the Cubs and so I think he'll be just fine.

Because the Cubs can't hit.

Get it?

May 21st - Ted Lilly vs. Chris Young

Lilly remains a frickin'* rock in the rotation, and only the cubs sorry offense could keep him from getting a win.  You can always count on Lilly for 6+ innings and 3- runs. 

Young, on the other hand, has been less solid.  Young was pretty bad against the Cubs in his last outing and is the Cubs best chance to get out of their slump before leaving this road trip.  But dear sweet god, if they haven't snapped out of it by now...

(* yeah, that's right, I said frick)


I dunno.  I just hope they can get one. 

Go Cubs. 

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