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Peavy Twumors

I'm usually not the type to look for deeper meaning where one most likely doesn't exist, but I couldn't help but notice perhaps some interesting info in Chicago Sun-Times reporter Gordon Wittenmyer's latest Twitter post.

cst_cubs: Cubs moving on without Peavy. Tonight's lineup: sori, riot, fuky, lee, milt, font (2b), soto, freel (3b), marsh.

Wittenmyer (who uses the "cst_cubs" handle) always posts the lineup a few hours prior to game time, but that's not the part I'm interested in. I'm interested in the first part. You know, the part that says something about "Cubs" and "Peavy."

Is Wittenmyer implying the Cubs made a move on Peavy today? Or is he just being playful considering all the action that happened between the Sox and the Padres?

I haven't been able to find any stories seriously reporting the Cubs inquired about Peavy today, but maybe Wittenmyer is trying to let all his fellow Twits know a little somethin' somethin'.

Even though Paul Sullivan of the Tribune wrote that it was "not likely" for the Cubs to make a play on Peavy at this time, I got to believe Hendry picked up the phone and talked to Kevin Towers, Jake Peavy and/or Kenny Williams. Maybe Peavy's reluctancy to accept the deal was because he knows the Cubs will make a serious play when the time is right (sentence pending). Maybe Hendry just had to remind him of that today. Oh Gordon, you're such a tease.

But really, who knows. That's the fun with Twitter. It doesn't make any sense...ever.

For some reason, I seem to

For some reason, I seem to remember Banks’ 500th home run in May – but that just might be due to it being shown during every rain delay the past 35 years. I am pretty sure I wasn’t watching ball then; in fact I do not remember anything of the early season victories, the unprecedented media blitz that ensued, or the controversy of Santo’s heel clicking.

You may remember Banks's 500th homer because it was the next season.

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