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UPDATE: I was really busy today with school, so this is the first time I looked at the site today. Chief gave us this post today, so with all the other Goats out today it seems, except AJ. I'm going to move this to front for discussion. There will be more content tomorrow as the series gets started with the Cardinals.
I'd like to preface this post by saying that while I've been a longtime GoatReader, this is my first article.

Let's face it, the Offense is finally into 2009, and the Starting Rotation has always been here. However, the 2009 Cubs lack one major detail: their bullpen. I'd like to take the time to examine each arm currently there first.

  • Carlos Marmol has been excellent, as has Angel Guzman. Neither has been brought into question this year, and rightfully so. They've done their job.
  • Kevin Gregg has been shaky at times, but we need to face the fact: Lou trusts him, and he's not going anywhere. Many think he's done and was a waste of a high level prospect, but he's only had a handful of bad outings, but they've been terrible when he's had them.
  • Aaron Heilman was spot on for a while, and lately he's been dreadful, but I think the real Heilman falls somewhere in between. He's a keep, and much better than his 4.86 ERA shows.
  • Jose Ascanio was acquired a few years ago in the Will Ohman Trade, and so far, he's been a pleasant surprise, but two innings can only say so much about a guy.
  • The Elephant in the room is obviously the Dreadful Duet of David Patton and Neal Cotts. Neither is particularly useful, and I personally think Patton is NOT one of those recent Rule V Draft picks that will revolutionize basebal(Josh Hamilton, Joakim Soria).

So that begs the question, for those two spots, Cotts and Patton, What do we do? We have a few options in our Minor League System.

  • Greg Reinhard is a righty in AAA who has been off the charts against lefties, who holds lefties to a .69 BA (Righties hit 3.11)
  • Jeff Steven has also been fantastic, who, before tonight, has let up only one run. He currently holds all batters to a .143 BA, with only a marginal advantage against lefties.
  • There are, of course, other options such as Mitch Atkins or Jeff Samardzija, but in my opinion, neither has performed well enough at the level they're at to be called up to the big leagues.

Or we could trade for relievers. John Grabow has been rumored to be available, and although he's not exactly a LOOGY, Lou has never really seemed impressed with LOOGY's(Stevie Eyre). Danys Baez has also been great this year, and he's also rumored to be available.

Whatever happens, the Cubs should win upwards of ninety games this year, especially if they acquire a guy like Jake Peavy.

It's cool that Chief wrote

It's cool that Chief wrote this and it got promoted, I'm glad somebody noticed to do that... but apparently it causes breakage issues to change the time stamp of a post that was published previously. I got a talkin' to about that from Kevin when I promoted and modified the timestamp of a DB post last Sept.

But not to be a TOTAL

But not to be a TOTAL party-pooper, thanks v. much for this Chief. We appreciate it greatly!

Chief--great post. I agree

Chief--great post. I agree with your anti-ledge jumping approach.

I recommend you check out this article from over at The Cub Reporter:


It's a great discussion between the author and the pitching coach of the Iowa Cubs. A good read!

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