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Give me a break Rosenbloom

When I graduated with my journalism degree part of me thougth it would be great to meaningful columns about baseball. There is something grand about weaving wonderful stories about players and the game they play, but every so often a writer just ticks me off.

Today while my students were watching To Kill a Mockingbird, I read through various sites about the Cubs. I came across a little article by Steve Rosenbloom. His stuff has always been shallow, and I'm not sure, in this day and age, why he still has a job.

Today's article deals with Milton Bradley, and his decision to stand up for himself and appeal his suspension. His short lashing of Bradley states, says that Bradley should've done the noble thing and just took the punishment when he was dinged up. He calls out Bradley for hurting the Cubs by waiting.

This part really cracks me up:

Instead, he’ll miss today’s game against Houston when the Cubs’ offense needs every bat it can find, especially Bradley’s, especially after his home run against San Diego that alerted NASA, especially with Aramis Ramirez out and Derrek Lee looking for his first hit in 10 days.

All because Bradley “had to stand up for myself.’’

Ok, other than his love for the word especially, what is Rosebloom saying here? First off, the Cubs scored 11 runs yesterday without Lee, Bradley and Ramirez. They were still able to draw walks and get extra base hits. Did he miss yesterday? Second, we all know that Bradley is going to miss time, so we might as well get used to it. Luckily, Kosuke Fukudome and Micah Hoffpauir have played well during this time.

I know the media loves to pick on Bradley, but did Rosenbloom see the play where Bradley got tossed? I have no problem letting a player appeal, because it is his right to do so. Isn't this America? Don't we have a chance to stand up for ourselves? Does anybody get the point of this article?

The only thing I can up with is that it Milton took his coco puffs one time and didn't forgive him for it. More likely, Rosenbloom is just the lastest writer that thinks that Milton's bad reputation must be called out all the time. This is just another example of a paid journalist being too full of themselves to write meaningful work. Is there any wonder why people visit places like GROTA instead of reading newspapers?

Worse than Rosie's piece is a

Worse than Rosie's piece is a column by Telander in the Sun-Times considering the possibility of Theriot being on steroids. I know that baseball players are now guilty until proven innocent, but come on guy. I could have two homeruns Wednesday night with that wind blowing out at Wrigley. With this column, Rick is getting dangerously close to Mariotti territory. Yikes.

I just saw that article, or I

I just saw that article, or I would have added to this post. I don't understand sports writers these days. My favorite stories to read are the real human interest stories and the good parts about sports. It is just sad we are reduced this scare tatic journalism.

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