Goatriders of the Apocalypse

The Root of the Problem Isn't just Mr. Cotts

After a delirious afternoon babbling about how adding Freel gives us another intangible towards the quest for a title, I wake up to a bullpen implosion, the return to the DL of Fox, and D-Lee with neck spasms.  All before the coffee pot is done brewing.

It'd be easy to toss this mess on the bullpen, known with little affection around our house as the "Gas Can Gang", and demand that they all be shipped to whatever small market team that would accept them.  Shockingly, it's not all their fault.  Yes, I will give you the fact that Neal Cotts sucks.  He does.  I know.  Believe me, I know. 

We don't score enough runs.  Bottom line.  We leave to many guys on base.  Being out of market, I will "watch" a lot of games on Gameday.  It is really obvious when you graphically watch how many little, red, block shaped base runners we strand out there. 

I am really glad to see how selective the team has become at the plate.  I appreciate the ability to work the count and draw a walk.  Who among us though wouldn't love to see Roosevelt Brown knock the horse-piss out of a ball and damage some brick on buildings unfortunate enough to get in the way?  Just give me one free swinging, bad pitch chasing, masher.  Just one. 

If we score more runs, you stretch the 'pen.  Guys you would never bring into a close game....COTTS!!...cough, cough, cough.......could get the chance to work a little longer if you're up five instead of two.  I know Lou is not keen to keep a pitcher out there who is missing his spots, but some of those guys have got to learn to get themselves out of trouble and they need more run support to have that chance.

Score in bunches, play small ball, steal bases,  sacrifice (Neal Cotts to the Goat-God of Borneo), whatever it takes to put as many tallies on the board as you can.  If you can rest the "closers" in the pen and let the other guys take up some slack this thing will right itself. 

Even with all the drama of the morning I look to find us only 2.5 back.  Hold off on the worst team ever compairisons.  Looking at our division I'm not sure that any other team is deep enough to take the losses we have and be 2.5 back.  It's a long season.  GO CUBS!

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