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Cubs Get New and Improved Player*

The Cubs dealt fan favorite** and celebrated car jumper, Joey Gathright to the Baltimore Orioles for another favorite*** Ryan Freel today.

This does two things:

• First off, the Cubs now have a player that can play pretty much everywhere, and a player with decent speed. The problem is that he hasn't been healthy in a few years. He only played 48 games last season, and 75 games in 2007. He's already been on the DL once this year as well.

• Secondly, the Cubs get to clear a roster spot today for Randy Wells, and it keeps the feel-good story of year Bobby Scales on the roster for a few more days. But, I feel that with Freel around it probably means Scales is headed back to Iowa at some point.

(*Ok, the title is misleading, because Freel is new, but not really any improvement on the team. **Gathright a fan-favorite is probably the most absurd thing I've written at Grota since joining, but he can jump cars.)

The Cubs aren't gaining any payroll since the O's are send us some cash, and Freel can provide some much-needed utility play that the Cubs lacked during all the injuries. I'm not sure if this will cause a dent, but he's probably better than Gathright, at least with the bat.

Bobby Scales

I might have agreed with you about Bobby Scales pre A-Ram getting hurt. I thought then and still think that it depends on how many pitchers Lou wants in the bull pen. He is still one short of what he had pre-Scales. I think (pure quess work here) Lou will want to pitch hit more than ever with A-Ram out. Scales is a switch hitter who can play multi-positions. My guess is that the 3 options right now are:
1 - give up the extra arm in the bull pen
2 - send the Hoff down and bring up an extra arm (my choice)
3 - send down Scales and bring up an extra arm

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