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I was looking over some of the past posts about "fans" and their behavior.  Because of where I am located (Louisville, KY) we usually travel to away games more than we make it to the Friendly Confines.  It's an issue I just gotta weigh in on.

I grew up going to ball games with my Dad.  It was a family affair.  I enjoyed the living hell outta every second of it.  I would cheer my fool head off for my team and my favorite players.  I would yell myself hoarse.  What I didn't do however, was bust on the home team.  It's their house, and you respect it.  I'm still that way today.  I will ride an ump for a bad call, but I will not bust on the home team.

In the past month I have caught an opening week game in Cincy and the series finale of the Cubs/Cards series in St. Louis.  I am floored by the way fans for the home team are just openly hostile right off the bat.  I was told how badly we were gonna get our asses kicked in IHOP for Heavens sake. BY AN OLD MAN AND HIS WIFE!  By the way, I hope you choked on your regurgitated pancakes when Fooky hit his 3 run shot, you crusty bastard.

As a kid I remember sitting in the park and talking baseball with the fans that were around me.  We all moaned about our weak hitting infielder, or the can't miss rookie who has struck out every at bat, or why on earth God has cursed us with Neal Cotts.  My last family trip to Cincy, when we locked up the division by the way, I spent time explaining to my 3 year old why we don't say "you suck" to people.

If you're reading this and thinking I am a little too thin skinned, understand that I get it.  I laugh my ass off at the "Cardinal Fans take it in their Pujols" shirts.  But I am baseball romantic at heart.  I grew up listening to stories from my grandfather of his days as a pro in the 20's and 30's.  I have lived and breathed this game for the vast majority of my life and it's a love I am passing onto my kids.  A day at the ballpark is my perfect day. 

I guess nowadays 20-somethings who are only in the park to get hammered and pound beers are my cross to bear.  FYI to the drunk ass in the section behind me.  AARON MILES IS NOT A TRAITOR, HE DIDN"T BETRAY THE TEAM, HE WAS NOT TRADED!!!! HE. WAS. NOT. TRADED.  When you are not offered a job by your employer so a guy named Skip can take your job, you move on.  Thanks to the Card fan sitting next to us who turned around and pointed that out.  That was also after Soriano was called a pussy after getting plunked in the head.   

Painting a bleak picture for tolerence, I know.  I have a challenge for you though.  Next ball game, talk with the guy in the other teams jersey in your row.  If you don't know dick about the current team, talk about the outfielder you remember playing for them when you were a kid.  Hey, rib 'em all you want.  Just take it in stride when they give it back.  It's too great a game to turn a day at the ballpark into a WWE event.  So.for one day, for us old guys, try it.  Unless the Cardinals are in town.....they take it in their Pujols after all.

i don't know why we took that

i don't know why we took that south side trash box named neal cotts. i am with you on that one.

You had to endure this

You had to endure this behavior because Cardinal fans are the douchiest fans in baseball.

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