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The Scales of Justice

One of my favorite movies in the world is Bull Durham. There is a scene where guys are talking about heading to the show, and Crash Davis Speaks up and says, "I was once in the show."

He goes on to say it was the greatest 17 days of his baseball life, and probably his entire life since he was a career minor league lifer. That's the dream for all the guys in the minors. They want the clean batting practice baseballs, the nice hotels and the roar of the crowds. It's my dream, and a I'm almost 30 and haven't played organized baseball in 14 years.

Now flash forward to the 2009 Chicago Cubs. Thanks to this update by Paul Sullivan we learn that Bobby Scales was brought up today to probably take Aramis Ramirez's spot on the roster.

He even got as far as putting on his uniform in the clubhouse, only to be told that he was heading back to Iowa. That had to suck on so many levels. I told my wife the story and she gave out a "aww" that could bring tears to your eyes.

I hope Scales continues to play well, because nobody deserves to get that close to your dream and not have it happen. I will rooting for the guy for now on, because I couldn't imagine that happening to me without a serious long depression.

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