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Gamecast: April 24th vs. Cardinals

cubs @ cards
Story lines

The Cubs come into the series down two games, and they are playing the best offense in the league (I gagged as I typed that). The Cubs have shifted around the lineup, thanks in part for Crazy Milton sitting out with only one hit this season. Ryan Dempster will try and get back to his dominating stuff from last year, instead of walking everybody.

The Cubs will also have to hold down Albert Pujols, who is crushing the ball early in the year.

Who's Hot

After two games and 1 run, I'm going out on a limb and saying nobody's hot. We need to win before anybody can move back up.

Who's Not

The Bullpen - I'm not ready to give on them, but we need some improvement.

The bottom third of the lineup - I could have said everybody, but it looks we need to get going.


The Cubs are scuffling heading into this season, and the Cards are coming off a sweep of the Mets. All it take is one game to get the next winning streak going. I think it starts tonight.



A ramirez injury, and a

A ramirez injury, and a three-run 5th for the deadbirds. This just not our night.

our offense

is just stone cold.....

There we go!

There we go!

About time....now time for

About time....now time for Geo.

Also, shout box should open

Also, shout box should open back up in five minutes. I will talk to Kurt about upgrading, so we don't have this problem again.

Bases juiced, now we need a

Bases juiced, now we need a big hit.

I spit on upgrading the

I spit on upgrading the shoutbox! I SPIT ON IT!!!!

Really? Spit on it....wow,

Really? Spit on it....wow, harsh words. How about we come up with a cool new name....like Milton's Musings and relaunch it, so we don't have to hit that stupid 60 posts in an hour.

My preference would be to

My preference would be to inconvenience everybody a little and disable the shoutbox during games forcing in-post comments (as all shoutcomments disappear after a while, whearas the blog comments live forever).

We'll probably upgrade the shoutbox very soon, though.

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