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GameCast: April 10th - Cubs at Milwaukee

Cubs @ MilwaukeeRich Harden (0-0, 0.00) vs. Braden Looper (0-0 0.00)

This would mean so much more if I actually wrote this before the start of the game.  But ... in his first 09 appearance, will Harden be effective or get injured?  Will Fukudome continue on his recent success or will he flat-line?  And will Milton Bradley get his first hit of the season?

Who's hot
The Fonz - 2 homeruns, lots of base hits, and being spoiled at leadoff.  Classic.
The Fook - After one explosive day, he was back to batting .400 on the season.  Can't complain about that.
The Font - He won the starting job in Spring and so far he hasn't left anybody wondering why.

Who's not
Derrek Lee - Presently he's not even batting Neifi Perez's weight.
Milton Bradley - Well, for a guy with no hits he sure as heck has a great OBP, but still.

5 innings in, the Cubs are down 2-1 -- with their one run coming from Milton Bradley's first hit of the season, a homer.  Soriano is 0 for 3, Lee is 0 for 2, and Rich Harden has thrown 5 innings and struck out 9 batters, apparently on less than 90 pitches.

So how about some late inning magic from the Cubs, eh?  Eh!?!

Same Two

If you all will remember the playoffs from last season, the one to which we did not show...remember Pinella enjoying a good beer buzz while Dempter obviously did not have it in game 1? Remember Soriano's inability to get any type of inning started with his head-pulling I'm swinging for the fences instead of getting on base as a leadoff hitter swing?

Yeah, it's these same two pinheads that are up to old tricks. First, I believe the Cubs need to fine Soriano for his lack of hustle. He's a dog in the outfield and a "poser" at the plate. Brenly is right on when he laments the LAZY A's trot out of the batter's box, admiring his almost homer that turns into a single because he's not legging out a double. And then, Pinella, WTF? He ran the bullpen like an idiot yesterday.

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