Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Soto to miss a few games

Comcast SportsNet Chicago is reporting that Geovany Soto will miss 2-3 games due to his sore shoulder.

Heal up Geo! We're gonna need you this season.


I love Geo and we're going to need him this season.. healthy. What about putting him on the 15 day DL and get his shoulder 100% better? I mean he's already missed 2 games, he's going to be out another 2-3. So 15 day DL him now, retroactive to Game 2. Then we'll have a backup catcher that can throw 100% if need be, and more importantly get Geo back 100%. What do ya think?


At this point, Geo has one day of retroactive DL-ability. If you keep him on the active roster, you're trusting that Koyie Hill can get you through the next three days. If something were to happen and Koyie got hurt, we could just concede the game and bring up the back-up.

If you DL Geo now, you have the back-up on-call if something happens to Koyie in the next three days. The problem is that you then have no Geo for the next 11 days. So rather than have Geo start (possibly) 11 of the next 14 games, we'd be looking at 14 starts split between Koyie Hill and the third stringer, just so we have a backup to Hill for three games.

So basically, I really wouldn't DL Geo now.

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