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Help meeeeeeeee! 10/3 Scheduling Conflict (Tickets)


Anyone local around here...I have tickets to the penultimate regular season game on 10/3 versus the Diamondbacks. My friend scheduled her wedding for the day (!!). GAAAAAAH! Does ANYONE have tickets for the 10/2 or 10/4 game they would want to swap with me? Below are the details for the tickets I have.

Pleeeeeease. I am desperate. I bought these (before I heard about the wedding) because I wanted to be there for one of the last regular season games.

Diamondbacks at Cubs
Saturday, 10/3/09
at TBD

Terrace Reserved Outfield

206-3 2011 $24.00ADULT
206-3 2012 $24.00ADULT

Total Convenience Fee for 2 seats $9.80(includes 9.00% sales tax)
Price for 2 seats $57.80

Terrace Reserved Outfield??


jk. Good luck DB...hopefully someone steps up for you.

/Cubs will have clinched the week before'd

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