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I have already joined 2 leagues via MSN/Fox Fantasy. Since there seems to be some intrest and the leagues are not full I will pass on this information. I think (I have not tried to add additional teams before) that all you have to do is -

Go to MSN Sports MLB and there will be a link to get to the fantasy baseball sign up.

use option C

pick options rotisserie, daily, live draft

If you are interrested to joining me in the leagues I am in you will need to choose

draft date 3/28 at 11am et - 6 slots open


draft date 3/29 at 8 am et - 8 slots open

Kurt, I know you are not big on links etc. being on this blog, so if I crossed a line let me know.

Not at all; in fact I've

Not at all; in fact I've promoted this and made it a "sticky" so that it will be at the top of GROTA until somebody removes the sticky.

I'm cool with link sharing ... in fact I've been thinking about a "what blogs do you write, what sites do you read" post to let people put out their favorites.

In the past, there have been people who would only post comments to basically pimp out their blogs, and I'm not a huge fan of that just because it seems to be in real poor taste (and whether it's on my blog or another's, I always think it's annoying). But! If you have a blog or something of interest, at the very least you should feel free to EMail me and ask me to pimp it for you. Especially if you've spent a lot of time researching and writing a Cubs topic and you want to make sure people can read and appreciate your hard work. I'm always happy to help spread the word.

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