Goatriders of the Apocalypse

The Cubs are their very own World Baseball Classic

Fukudome is my homie

The World Baseball Classic is supposedly bringing the world together to enjoy the great game of baseball, but Cubs fans know it is probably unnecessary and possibly pointless.  The Cubs ARE the Classic in the World of Baseball.  The Cubs are the greatest franchise in Sports - yep, suck on THAT, Yankees.  Bite ME, Man U!  Go to hell, Cowboys!! 

Now obviously this guy, who sent this picture into the Trib, is American, but this is still cool.  What would have been cooler is if he'd brought along an armful of jerseys, passed them out to some of the locals, and posed THEM for a picture.  Cooler still, cut out the middleman, just stop by the sweatshop where Majestic has these sewn up, grab a couple dozen of those folks, bring them up to the Wall along with whatever shirt they were working on at the time...

Point is, we're universal, worldwide, galactical

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