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WBC shaping up nicely

Is anyone else following the World Baseball Classic? I've been trying to. It's the busy season at work, so I can't always watch March baseball, but the WBC is infinitely more interesting than Spring Training.

For one, despite the pitch limits, you've actually heard of all the guys playing for the USA throughout the game. It's better than watching #62 pitch to #78 in the eighth inning. And for another, the teams actually care about winning.

This year's WBC included a major shocker with the Netherlands ousting of the Dominican Republic in the first round, but last night's drama was almost worthy of the MLB post-season.

In Miami, team USA was losing 5-3 to Puerto Rico before the Red White&Blue started a ninth inning rally against JC Romero. After loading the bases and closing the gap to one, David Wright stepped to the plate and knocked in two to secure the walk-off victory. Just like a post-season win, Derek Jeter streaked out of the dugout to mob his teammates... although he wisely did not join in the dog-pile that ensued. (That's the difference between the WBC and the WS.)

Subsequently in San Diego, Japan and Korea squared off. While you've heard of most of the Japanese stars (Ichiro, etc), the South Koreans are fairly anonymous, but equally as good. In fact they won last night, clinching a berth in the semi-finals. And if there wasn't enough bad blood between the two countries, South Korea planted a flag on the Petco park mound to taunt the Japanese. (This was in retribution for an earlier Japanese flag planting.)

Anyhow, I'm just wondering if anyone else is following the WBC, and if there are any predictions. If I were a betting man, I'd go with South Korea to take the '09 WBC title.

I am all over the WBC;

I am all over the WBC; watched all 9 innings of US-PR last night.

Venezuela-South Korea would be a DAMN good game. I look forward to watching!

trying to...

but I recently shunned Comcast in favor of U-Verse, only to find out the Verse doesn't carry MLBN yet. I've caught most of the games on the Deuce, though.

Bold Prediction: Hank White leads team Venezuela to the promised land!

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